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How to Gain Weight Fast for Women

The idea that losing weight is always good is a dominant belief and celebrated among the fitness world and media. With so many weight-loss challenges, 30-day diets, and even T.V. shows centered around who can burn the most fat, the fascination with slimming down and shedding pounds is obvious.

Don’t worry, as a woman it’s very hard to 'get bulky.'

While weight loss isn’t a bad thing for individuals whose health is suffering as a result of being overweight, many women are realizing that maintaining their weight – and even gaining some – can be extremely beneficial for performance in and out of the gym, for supporting overall health and, yes, even looking and feeling better.

These tips are centered on proper nutrition and exercise, and will help you understand how to gain weight fast for women looking to add some quick lbs.


Bump Up Your Daily Calorie Intake

To gain more weight, you need to eat more. It’s that simple. Calculate how many calories on average you generally eat each day. One of the most common weight-gaining practices is to enter into a moderate calorie surplus, the most common amount being about 500 calories. So, for example, if you’ve generally been eating 1,900 calories per day, you should now be eating 2,400.

Keep track of weight gain. If you feel that you aren’t gaining as much weight as quickly as you’d like, increase the amount of additional calories consumed each day as needed.

Don’t Eat Just Any Kind of Food

Eat clean and calories become more useful.

Making healthy meals is an excellent example of how to gain weight fast for women who want to improve physical activity, daily function, and, depending on personal perception, overall health and appearance. To get the best results, don’t run to the nearest gas station and stack up on a bunch of junk food (chips, candies, sodas, etc.) in an effort to consume more calories. Although allowing some treats once in a while may help with weight gain, the focus should be placed on consuming foods higher in calories that are also nutrient-dense.

Depending on personal eating choices, you can get essential proteins and amino acids from a variety of sources including red meat, poultry, eggs, legumes, and soy products. Protein helps improve muscle recovery and provides the essential micronutrients the body needs to function.

When it comes to choosing carbohydrates, whole wheat sources provide longer lasting energy throughout the day. This is because whole wheat contains complex carbohydrates, which take longer to digest compared to simple carbohydrates found in candy and sugar.

Additionally, adding vegetables to the diet may not be something many women associate with gaining weight, but research shows starchy vegetables like corn, potatoes, squash, and yams provide important nutrients and also lead to weight gain.1

When selecting fruit, you should opt for fruits that aren’t as water dense. Choose fruits like pineapples and bananas as well as dried fruits like dried blueberries, cherries, and raisins. These fruits are all higher in calories.

Although allowing some treats once in a while may help with weight gain, the focus should be placed on consuming foods higher in calories that are also nutrient-dense.

Lift Weights

Lifting weights is definitely not just for men. Hitting the gym and exercising are great ways to support healthy weight gain. But how does lifting weights lead to gaining weight? Many people who exercise often notice an increase in the number on the scale, and this is because lifting weights and other forms of resistance exercise help build muscle mass. Keep in mind, however, that muscle is much denser than fat and, while it weighs more, takes up less space on your body than fat.

Don’t be afraid to lift heavy and lift often, this will help you gain muscle weight instead of fat.

Don’t be afraid to lift heavy! Try out some isolation exercises like bicep curls as well as compound exercises, like the bench press and squat.

Along with the numerous other advantages lifting weights has to offer, resistance exercise is a great way to help women gain weight fast in an effective and healthy manner.

Drink Your Calories

Some women may find it hard to eat as much as necessary during the day. Drinking calories is a tasty way women can get that surplus.

Depending on your sensitivity to dairy, drinking milk is one way to get more protein, calories, and vitamins. One cup of whole milk is about 148 calories, with 2% milk not far behind at 124 calories. Drinking fruit juices is another delicious way to pack in calories and vitamins.

Supplementing with protein powders and weight gainer products is yet another way women can gain weight quicker. These types of supplements provide extra calories, carbohydrates, protein, and nutrients to improve weight gain and help fill in nutritional gaps in the diet.

Eat More Frequently

Adding variety to your diet will help you gain.

Getting enough calories throughout the day may be difficult if you save them all for just 2 or 3 meals. Many women who want to gain weight find that eating smaller meals throughout the day helps them reach a calorie surplus. Preparing your meals in advance and having them stored away in containers makes it a lot easier when you’re on the go.

If you are unable to squeeze in more meals throughout the day, you can at least make sure that you are snacking on higher calorie, nutrient-rich foods periodically. Some good ideas for snacks with more calories and a decent amount of macronutrients per serving include nuts like almonds, Brazil nuts, and pecans.

Gaining Weight Can Mean Better Health

What constitutes healthy weight gain will, of course, differ from individual to individual. Let the desire to feel good and healthy trump the number on the scale. Gaining weight may prove more sustainable for you depending on your personal health and fitness goals.

Lean muscle mass is a great sign of good weight gain.

Do you have any tips or tricks that you do to help gain weight fast? I’d love to hear them, so leave a comment below!

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Angie Layton
Angie has years of experience in the health and fitness Industry. Angie currently holds one on one personal training sessions, coaches group training classes, provides nutritional plans and will also prepare the food for the meal plans. Angie educates in corporate wellness programs, prepares clients for Bikini, Figure and physique competitions and teaches posing classes for competitions. By designing fitness and nutrition plans, Angie motivates people to look and feel their best.
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Donna Adams

October 7, 2015

Thank you for this information



October 13, 2015

Im pregnant but im a tiny lil person i eat so much food an dont gain a pound even during pregnancy….. my doctor wants me to gain 30lbs wat can i do to gain this weight????



October 13, 2015

I wanted to gain weight need help me gain weight



    November 1, 2015

    My thyroid causes me to loose weight how can I gain weight

    viola walker

    November 18, 2015

    I won’t to gain weight fast

Tracy Connolly

October 28, 2015

I am a naturally thin woman and have been all of my life. While I do have some curves, I desire a my idea of a more womanly body. So for years I have been on a seemingly, perpetual search for ways to gain healthy weight and now sexy curves, as on my next birthday I will be 40! I most recently discovered Benecalorie. Its a calorie booster that can be added to any smoothie and other foods like oatmeal, mashed potatoes, etc. It is flavorless and odorless. It adds 330 calories to whatever you mix it into and it REALLY works fast. I usually make myself at least two fruit smoothies with it per day. They end up being like 600 calories per smoothie. I usually pay about $70 for a 24ct case and it lasts about a month. I do eat regular meals as well but will have an extra smoothie if I happen to miss a meal. I love Malt-O-Meal for breakfast and it mixes very well in there as well. Good luck all. #HAPPYGAINING


Rebecca Reilly

October 29, 2015

I want to try to gain weight on my hips , thighs , and butt area.

I have noticed that as I get older,
any extra calories go to my stomach , rather than the hip area.

I am trying to find something to gain weight on the hips and thighs rather than my belly.

I have a back brace , and sometimes wear that while exercise.

I have read that not allowing the skin to breath , ( like wrapping your waist in plastic wrap ) , is not good .
But a fabric is ok.


Dustin Gustus

January 18, 2019

I have tried everything and still can’t gain weight it is so embarrassing to go in public anything you suggest I will try



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