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Amino Acids
Building blocks of protein.

Your body has the proper nutrients from food or supplements creating an environment for muscle repair and growth.

Stands for Branch Chain Amino Acids. Comprised of 3 essential amino acids L-leucine, L-valine and L-isoleucine.

Catabolism or catabolic means your body is at a caloric deficit resulting in the breakdown of amino acids located in muscle tissue to be used as energy.

Essential Amino Acids
An amino acid required by the body that can only be obtained by food or supplementation.

Sugar processed from consumed carbohydrates.

A large molecule stored in your liver, muscle cells and fat cells reponsible for storing glucose for energy use.

Human Growth Hormone.

Lactic Acid
Organic acid produced by the body. Excess amounts in your body limits muscle strength during strenuous exercise and causes soreness.

Muscle Hypertrophy
Process of increasing strength and size of skeletal muscle.

Non-Essential Amino Acid
A required amino acid that is produced naturally by your body.

Protein Synthesis
process of your body creating protein.

Widening of the veins.

Visceral Fat
Abdominal fat surrounding your internal organs contributing to the collection of body fat in your belly.

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