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Creatine for Women FAQ

Q. What does creatine actually do?

A. During high intensity exercise such as sprinting or weight lifting, the body relies on the coumpound ATP as an energy source. When this source is depleted, performance suffers as the body works to create more ATP.

CReatine works by saturating muscles with creatine phosphate, which in turn increases the refueling process. With more available creatine, you can improve performance, and increase strength and power.

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Q. Is creatine safe?

A. Absolutely. With over a hundred studies published, creatine is the most researched sports supplement of all time. When taken as directed, creatine is not only safe, but highly effective.

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Q. Will it make me gain weight?

A. Most likely, but that doesn’t mean your dress size goes up. There is a big difference between lean body weight and fat. Creatine does NOT cause fat gain, or even “bulky” muscle gain in women; it simply causes gains in lean tissue.

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Q. Will creatine make me bulky?

A. No. In general, women don’t produce enough testosterone to bulk up on creatine.

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Q. Will creatine make me hold water?

A. Only if you follow outdated “loading” protocols (which suggest quadrupling the dose for the first 7 days) or take a cheap source of creatine from an unreliable manufacturer. Cheap creatine can degrade before you even consume it, leading to water retention.

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Q. Will creatine make me bloated?

A. This is similar to the question about retaining water. Stay away from too much creatine as well as cheap, unreliable sources. This can lead to the gastrointestinal issues that cause bloating.

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Q. How long do I have to use it for?

A. Creatine can be used indefinitely, but it’s suggested to cycle it on and off like any other supplement. Take a 2-4 week break for every 12-16 weeks of use.

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Comments (2)

Jean Richardson

March 2, 2016

h stack with the creatine

I am 59 years old looking to drop at least 100 lbs. Is this product ok for someone of my age. Is there anything special that I should do for the best results. I have deleted all meat pretty much from my diet, occass I onally have chicken and fish. I eat beans and vegetables nuts no rice potatoes sugar salt or bread. How much water should i drink daily.

    Stefan R. Wilson

    Stefan R. Wilson

    March 3, 2016

    Re: h stack with the creatine

    It is important to keep hydrated when taking Creatine as it is known to dehydrate the body. The amount of water will vary among individuals. While health authorities recommend drinking 8 8-oz glasses of water a day, it is important to listen to your thirst and monitor your hydration based off of your pee color.

    With the intake of Creatine, it is highly recommended that you exercise regularly and eat a healthy diet. The combination of lifting weights and cardio can help increase weight loss. It is also important that you consume foods that are nutrient-dense from each food group to provide your body with enough energy throughout the day. It is highly recommended that you talk to your doctor about supplementing with Creatine before use especially if you are taking any prescribed medications.

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