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Stefanie Dawn – #WCW

Even on my most basic days.. I'm still not. #fukknfancy ???

A photo posted by Stefanie Dawn (@msstefaniedawn) on

Happy Saturday lovers ?

A photo posted by Stefanie Dawn (@msstefaniedawn) on

At the gym in my sweats 'n airs like IDGAF ?

A photo posted by Stefanie Dawn (@msstefaniedawn) on

It's coming together. The bikini dial in continues. 10 weeks.

A photo posted by Stefanie Dawn (@msstefaniedawn) on

Questions & Answers:

Q.We know preparing for a competition is absolutely grueling! But, we want to know, what is your favorite thing about competing?

A. I love the routine! Of course, I also love getting to mix strength & beauty. Weights and makeup and rhinestones. There could not be a more perfect sport for me!

Q. If you could train with any person in the world, who would it be and why?

A. I would love to train with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Focus!!!

Q. What advice would you give to women looking to compete in the bikini division?

A. Make sure that before you compete that fitness is apart of your lifestyle. The first time I ever competed, I did a show to loose a drastic amount of weight, and immediately gained it all back because I had no idea what it meant to live a fit healthy lifestyle, I only had a date based goal! .

Q. What does your workout split look like?

A. I weight train a different body part every day alternating with 2 days on and one day off, and teach 6-8 spin classes per week!

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May 21, 2015

Role Model

I wanna be like you. Your my Fitspiration!


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