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Nicole V. Espana – #WCW

#bts ????

A photo posted by Nicole V. Espana (@coliiie_) on

Leaning out ???????????????????? #ImStillHalfAsleep #6am #Grind

A photo posted by Nicole V. Espana (@coliiie_) on

Don't fall back on what's behind you, spring forward to what's ahead. Photography: @jyoungfilms

A photo posted by Nicole V. Espana (@coliiie_) on

Questions & Answers:

Q. With summer quickly approaching, what is one piece of advice you’d give to girls trying to get beach-body ready?

A. It’s never to late to get fit! With summer just around the corner I’d recommend being more cautious of what you eat and exercise regularly. Perhaps join a class (zumba, kickboxing, yoga etc) to keep you motivated. Also try to incorporate full body movements to target multiple muscle groups at once.

Q. What keeps you motivated to hit the gym day in and day out and stay in such great shape?

A. I enjoy sculpting my body and watching it change over time, setting goals for myself and then accomplishing them. I love this lifestyle, I push and challenge myself everyday to be the best version of me that I can be. Motivation is what keeps me going.

Q. Which food did you crave the most during your competition preparation?

A. Sweets!!! All I craved during my prep were Oreos and donuts!

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