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Leah- #WCW

Take all that emotion you have, let that shit fuel the fire ?

A photo posted by Leah? (@fitmom17) on

Questions & Answers:

Q. Your abs are on point! What advice would you give to people trying to work on their midsection?

A. Lift weights. It’s not all about sit-ups. Lifting weights increases your muscle mass and metabolism therefore you burn fat through the midsection easier! HIIT training and intervals are good for burning belly fat too.

Q. When did you start working out, and what got you started?

A. I started 6 yrs ago after my Second baby. Started taking Les mills BODYPUMP and got addicted. Became an instructor and it was all over from there 🙂

Q.What is one of your favorite bicep exercises?

A. Bicep cable curls, single arm. High and light weight high rep

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