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Lauren Francavilla – #WCW

Me loverbug #swolemate backstage after the win #blessing. So grateful for him and this opportunity to compete and further my fitness aspirations and goals. It wasnt easy and I only see it getting harder but I've worked hard my whole life and continue to be the best I can be. @kaylubb21 is truly my perfect match and just as hard headed and a straight shooter as I am. I can't wait to keep on competing with him by my side and me by his. Also to keep working with #teamx2xhawaii and @debbiefaildo on being the best I can be!! Truly feeling blessed today and thankful that one big dream has been accomplished and I can now train harder for future shows(: #fitfam #npc #ifbb #bosscertified #bodybuilding #bodysculpting #govcup #stingrayclassic2015 #highintensity2015 #goals #countrygirl #girlswholift #strongwomen #america #bikini #npccompetitor #npcphysique #npcbikini #allthegains #mealprepping

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Questions & Answers:

Q. What got you into lifting and working out?

A. I was homeless and a drop out once (that’s another story) but I needed to change my life around and when I went back to school I became a cheer leader where they taught me how to lift and I just fell in love with fitness and keeping my grades up.

Q. What’s the hardest thing about competing?

A. Dieting. Lord knows I love food. Also the hardest thing is working so hard and giving it all you have and not placing. It can be heart breaking when you’ve spent so much time and money into something and get told you aren’t good enough. It’s also a good thing because it motivates me to do better and fix things. Sometimes you don’t place but if you keep working hard and never give up your dream, you will win. My last win meant so much to me because now I can train up for the big leagues.

Q. When you step off stage after a competition, what is the food you crave the most?

A. Pizza! Cup cakes! Donut burger! Anything fried! All things!

Q. What is your favorite muscle group to work out?

A. Shoulders and legs of course.

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