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Jazelyn Rae – #WCW

Home workouts rock! Especially when you have space in your apartment and no downstairs neighbors ? I have the opposite of both of these… However… Tricep push-ups & "Reaching beast" supersets are a killer way to build and tone the upper body as well as increase mobility. The amount of sets can change, I did 5/5 for the sake of a 15 second clip… but typically I would aim for 10/10 x 3-5. For anyone who hasn't quite perfected this style of push-up, you will! Its okay to start on your knees to get full range of motion rather than be on your toes, go half way & potentially lose form… And reaching beast is just… awesome! Anyone else love push-ups as much as me?!! #pushups #upperbody #chestday #homeworkouts #workouts #fitfam #instagood #personaltrainer #strong #beastmode

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So I've had multiple women this week tell me they are afraid to lift because they fear "the bulk." It makes me sad to think that so many women don't strength train due to this misconception about getting bulky. When really… strength training builds muscle & muscle burns fat. Simple.as.that. >>> Ladies, lifting weights is what will build and sculpt muscle to give you the "toned" look we all strive for. Next time your in a gym, get off the treadmill & try to do a few strength training exercises (ask a trainer for help if you dont know any, more often than not they are happy to assist you) & instead of feeling intimidated, feel EMPOWERED! You are stronger than you think! #fitfam #girlswholift #fitchicks #trainhard #liftweights #instafit #muscleandhealth

A photo posted by Jazelyn Hoel (@jazelynrae) on

Bringing out my inner crow. Sideways. ??balancing is fun?? #sidecrow #yoga #igfit #yogaeverydamnday #armbalance

A photo posted by Jazelyn Hoel (@jazelynrae) on

Questions & Answers:

Q. What is your go-to workout meal?

A. Go-to workout meal: If we’re talking post, typically I’ll have fruit (apple, banana) because it’s such a great source of natural sugars and carbs then have a pretty boring protein shake since it’s usually in between training clients.

Q. If you could train with one person in the world, who would it be and why?

A. If I could train with one person in the world it would probably be Sean Serantos because he is extremely upbeat, positive & knowledgeable (a.k.a. good-looking) or Shredz Ambassador Nikki Leonard, she trains like a badass and I love it.

Q. What’s your favorite workout?

A. My favorite workout… that’s a tough question. That’s like asking, what’s your favorite movie? There are so many great ones! If I have to choose, it would probably be traditional-type exercises like squats, deadlifts, push ups, and pull ups. Heavy weight on the barbell, push-ups on your toes & chest to floor, and unassisted pull ups. I find these simple movements so satisfying.

Q. What are your tips to staying healthy and looking great?

A. Tips to staying healthy and looking great… consistency & a positive attitude! It took me a long time (I mean a long time) to figure out a consistent routine that worked for my lifestyle. It can be easy to hit the gym everyday and go through the motions. But I’m talking about consistently challenging yourself with different types of workouts and consistently working to make & maintain healthy habits. I used to be really hard on myself, I had this idea of what I should look like and constantly compared my body to others who I thought were “better” than me. But once I realized that fitness isn’t about aesthetics (although it is a plus) and stopped comparing myself to others, my journey became 1,000 times more fulfilling and successful. Having a positive outlook on yourself, your capabilities and your progress is the key to reaching your goals. Our mind is a powerful tool; when we start having a positive mindset, everything else just naturally falls into place.

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