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Jaymi Miller- #WCW

When you find some cool shit at a flea market with your best friend #onemanstrashisanothermanstreasure

A photo posted by Jaymi Miller? (@fitmommamiller) on

Workin dem baby tris?

A video posted by Jaymi Miller? (@fitmommamiller) on

Sweat more bitch less

A photo posted by Jaymi Miller? (@fitmommamiller) on


A photo posted by Jaymi Miller? (@fitmommamiller) on

In honor of National running day I'm about to take my ass for a run ???

A photo posted by Jaymi Miller? (@fitmommamiller) on

Questions & Answers:

Q. How do you stay motivated to workout and stay so fit?

A. I love the way it makes me feel; the positive energy and of course seeing results. Being able to run around with my child is very important to me and maintaining a healthy lifestyle as well. I wake up at 2am 3-4 days a week to go to the gym to get my workout in before work and I’m able to spend the evenings with my family.

Q. If you could work out with anyone in the world, who would it be and why?

A. Definitely Michelle Lewin, she is a great motivator. I mean look at those abs and glutes! That girl is on fire!

Q.What is one of your favorite clean meals, and what is one of your favorite cheat meals?

A. My favorite clean meal is grilled chicken on the grill topped with grill green peppers, onions, and melted fat free mozzarella cheese. My favorite cheat meal is stuffed crust pepperoni pizza with cinnamon sticks. YUM!

Q.How long have you been working out, and what got you started?

A. I have been lifting for a little over a year now. When my son was born 3 1/2 years ago it was what had motivated me to get on the treadmill and lose the baby fat. After about a a year and a half close to two of just doing straight cardio I introduced my self to weights. I was always nervous about people looking at me in the gym while lifting weights so i just stayed close to the treadmill and didn’t bother with them. Then I started getting REALLY skinny to the point where it didn’t look healthy and needed to a add some muscle. That’s when I started lifting and wish I had started sooner the benefits are amazing!

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