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Hannah Snyder – #WCW

Hannah Snyder | Student at Baylor University || Pre-nursing major | 21 years old, NPC bikini competitor | training for figure |

????Fitness myth of the day????: Exercise machines are better than free weights. WRONG ?? many machines are actually designed for men, which can make it tough for women to nail the proper form when you use them. And because machines isolate specific muscles, you actually burn fewer calories on machines than you do when you exercise free style. ————————————— I see girls in the gym all the time using machines because they're afraid to branch out and use free weights. Isolating one muscle at a time is great for muscle gain, but if you're looking to burn more calories compound movements are the way to go ????#health #fitness #girlswithmuscle #lift #training #flex #muscle #shred #gains #motivation #work

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Questions & Answers:

Q. What does your workout split look like?

A. Right now I have a 3 day split because I’ve really been trying to build my legs so I do tris/chest/shoulders, back and bis, then legs.

Q. What’s your favorite muscle group to work out?

A. My favorite muscle group is back and bis. I love the pump I get when I combine these two!!

Q. We saw you have some photos of you bumping some music while at the gym. What are some of your favorite songs to listen to while working out right now?

A. I have a few songs that I listen to EVERY single workout that never fail to get me pumped. Lose yourself by Eminem, Work Bitch by Britney Spears, Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars, and Cupid Shuffle by Cupid.

Q. Do you have any fitness inspirations? If so, who are they?

A. Yes, I have tons of fitness inspirations but my number one inspiration is Jen Jewell. I think her physique is OUTSTANDING, and I had the chance to meet her last year at the Europa and she was the sweetest thing ever. Others include Amy Updike and Michelle Lewin.

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