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Breana Kelsi – #WCW

WOW…What an amazing experience! Cloud9…. I am the most decorated lady at the competition tonight taking home 2 swords and 2 trophies winning the Overall for Novice and Overall for the whole Bikini Class!!!!!???????????? What?! Shoutout to everyone that has wished me luck and has also stuck with me and followed my journey through my whole prep! ???? Also HUGE thankyouuuuuu and shoutout to my beautiful, talented and fricken amazing Froach (friend and coach????????) @sarah_bowmar ! Could not have done this without you! You gave me all the tools I needed to make me look my absolute best! Truly blessed to have you in my life as both a great friend and coach. You have taught me so much – Thank you for everything???????????? . Side note- I was way to excite and all over the place that I didn't even stop and pause to take a picture with all my trophies ???? BUT I got one with my love Poptart and that's just as good ??????????. Now time for Pizzaaaaa!! . #npcbikini #bikinicompetitor #overall #winner #trophy #gold #poptart #bikinicompetition #pizza #fitspo #igfitness #flex #noms #me #selfie #girlswholift #bowmarfitness #naturalsciencecreation #sarahbowmar

A photo posted by Breana Kelsi (@bree_kelsi) on

Got a nice booty pump and sweat on at the hotel gym tonight! ???? #pow when you're not at your usual gym you'll have to make adjustments to your routine depending on what equipment is available- don't make it an excuse not to train! I combined a bunch of booty moves from my training and made super sets depending on what was available. Tonight's workout (plus amazing mind muscle connection) Superset 1- ???? 10 cable donkey kicks ???? 10 cable side kicks ???? 20 double pump lunges with DB's – REPEAT 4 times. Superset 2- ????10 each leg Bulgarian split squats with DB's ???? 20 Goblet squats- REPEAT 4 times. Ended with calve raises bc I said. #workout #booty #bootygainz #gainz #glutes #pump #bootypump #flex #girlswholift #npcbikini #npcmichigan #bodybuilding

A photo posted by Breana Kelsi (@bree_kelsi) on

Questions & Answers:

Q. What is your favorite muscle group to work out?

A. Shoulders! I love the pump when I lift and I love the look of capped shoulders on women.

Q. What was your favorite thing about competing?

A. 2 things – 1) Getting beautified! All prep long you are wearing gym clothes, working your butt of and getting sweaty in the gym. Then come competition day you get tanned up, your hair and makeup done, and put on your gorgeous suit and heels and see how truly beautiful you are, and what you’ve accomplished with all your hard work during your prep. Makes it all worth it. Also! 2) Hearing your name called on stage of course 😀

Q. If you could train with one celebrity, who would it be and why?

A. Miss Dana Linn Bailey! 100%. She would run circles around me, but I would love to personally experience the intensity she trains with.

Q. What is one piece of advice you’d give someone that is inspired by looking at your instagram and wanting to get in better shape?

A. You CAN do it. I used to stare of pictures of fitness women and bikini competitors all day on IG before I got really into fitness. I thought I could never accomplish the look to get on stage… And here I am…Wining the Bikini Overall in my very first competition. You can do whatever you put your mind to.

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