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Paige Habermehl – #WCW

Questions & Answers:

Q.What is one of your favorite back workouts?

A. As a bikini competitor I do all my back exercise with a narrow grip handle. My favorites include good old fashion pull ups, lat pull downs and rack pulls! Heavy racks pulls make me feel like the hulk lol.

Q. How many times a week do you work out? What does your workout split look like?

A. I work out 5-6x a week 2x a day depending on coaches order. I do fasted cardio every morning then life in the evening and more cardio.

Q.What music do you listen to at the gym to get you pumped up?

A. During my workout I transition between Pandora and Spotify. I’m a pop queen; the top hits always get me through my cardio and weight training.

Q. We see that you meal prep. Do you ever implement cheat meals into your diet? If so, what is your favorite cheat meal?

A. Cheat meals are essential for boosting the metabolism and crucial for a mental break. I love to have my cheat meals on Sunday. Breakfast: Spanish – fried eggs, salami and mongu. Lunch: Meatball Sub with red sauce and mozzarella cheese. Dinner: Cheeseburger and Fries Dessert: Carrot cake with cream cheese frosting or Tates cookies.

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