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Brianna Griebel – #WCW

??? ? KALE @rhythmsuperfoods

A photo posted by Brianna Griebel ?? (@healthybrigri) on

I love posing practice ? #figurecompetitor

A photo posted by Brianna Griebel ?? (@healthybrigri) on

…this selfie was really of the blow dryer in the background…I promise.???? #gainz ??

A photo posted by Brianna Griebel ?? (@healthybrigri) on

My own fitness journey. My own progress. My own goals. I will be the best me I can be. ???? #figurecompetitor

A photo posted by Brianna Griebel ?? (@healthybrigri) on

?ass to grass ??

A video posted by Brianna Griebel ?? (@healthybrigri) on

Questions & Answers:

Q.How do you stay motivated so be so fit?!

A.It is easy for me to stay motivated for something when I set goals. Currently, I am training to compete in my first bodybuilding competition (women’s figure division) in spring 2016. Being a pretty competitive individual, I know I do not want to look like a novice when I step out on stage. I want to look like I belong on a whole other level of competing. The drive I have to bring an insane package to stage is what keeps me going – I absolutely love the process and seeing my body change over time. Other competitors I have met throughout my time training also help keep me motivated. I see the hard work they have put in over the years and the phenomenal results from it.

Q.How often do you workout each week and what does your workout split look like?

A. Typically I train 6 days per week for 1-1/2 to 2 hours. My workout split is never the same (I like to keep myself guessing ?). However, I always hit legs and shoulders twice per week because I feel they need the most work. Usually leg days I split into quads/glutes and hamstrings/glutes, and shoulder days I pick one day where I focus on rear delts because that’s an area I need improvement on. I like to pair back with biceps and chest with triceps but it just depends on what I’m feeling for the day. If I don’t hit bi’s and tri’s with a larger muscle group then I’ll pick a day where I work them together. For cardio upkeep I’ll do 3ish HIIT sessions on the stairstepper for 15-20min every week. During competition prep I’ll add in fasted cardio depending on how my body is responding to the overall prep. I found out through a trial run that my body responds really well to carb cycling. I don’t do anything crazy but just found what works for me.

Q.What does your pre-workout nutrition look like? Is there anything you eat before a workout specifically that helps you power through and train hard?

A. I always take BCAA’s, L-Glutamine and 5g of creatine (when not in prep) prior to working out. I also drink a preworkout while heading to the gym but like to cycle preworkouts so I don’t build up a huge tolerance to any of them. Depending on time, I like to get a good meal in about an hour before heading to the gym. Some sort of protein, brown rice and veggies are usually my go-to. I have also been making toast with almond butter, melting chocolate chips on top and adding banana slices to it because IT IS AMAZING. Seriously…go try it right now…heaven. You’re welcome.

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