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Boni Yraguen – #WCW

Questions & Answers:

Q.How long have you been lifting and what got you started?

A. I have been seriously lifting for about a year now. I have always liked exercise, but I used to do mainly cardio and I was just not happy with my body and wasn’t seeing any progress. I competed at Miss Alabama in 2014, and even though I was the “smallest” that I’d ever been I just wasn’t toned and not at all excited about walking on stage in a swim suit. So, I decided to completely change my game plan: I got one of my friends to be my lifting partner so I didn’t have to go into the weight room alone, did some serious googling, and designed a new workout regimen. I now weigh about 15lbs more and have a body that I am super proud of.

Q.If you could workout with anyone in the world, who would it be and why?

A. My brother. He’s a total BOSS. Hes 18 months younger than me, but totally my fitness inspiration. He is incredibly dedicated to both his diet and workouts, and on occasion he reminds me to stay away from “the sweets.” We live 3,000 miles apart so I rarely get to see him. We have worked out together a few times, but its not usually very practical because he can easily curl what I bench….

Q.What is one of your favorite arm workouts?

A. SKULL CRUSHERS!!! I like them for a few reasons… I love having visible triceps, it makes me feel so B.A. And I also really like that exercise because you don’t have to put up a lot of weight to really feel it. It kills me when I see people doing skull crushers poorly but with a lot of weight. I do them laying down with a 20lb bar bell for 4 sets of 12-15. It’s not particularly heavy, but with proper form my triceps are isolated and straight up shaking at the end of each set. I LOVE IT.

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