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Should You Use a Natural Colon Cleanse?

 Pysllium is one natural colon cleanser ingredient

When it comes to supplements, one of the biggest trends in the last decade actually has its roots in ancient times: colon cleansing. The trend of colonic irrigation goes back to Greece, China, and Egypt. Today, colonic irrigation is still a popular course of treatment and therapy, but supplements are also being used to achieve some of the same effects. But what are the benefits of colon cleansing and are these supplements safe and effective?

The idea behind colon cleansing is to flush out the colon (large intestine) so as to remove excess waste and bacteria. Today, some doctors will prescribe yogurt as a probiotic in which the bacteria found in the yogurt can help cleanse the colon. In the past, natural colonics such as teas were used to achieve this in an attempt to prevent something called autointoxication. Although there is no scientific study which verifies this, there is a long standing belief that undigested food in the colon will cause the production of toxins which can be detrimental to personal health. Anecdotal evidence suggests that these toxins can cause headaches and a general lethargy and lack of energy. Colon cleansing has also been linked to faster weight loss by cleaning out the digestive system.

Always be sure, when using supplements, to look at the ingredients used in them. Some of the most commonly found ingredients in colon cleansers include:

• bearberry and dandelion root—these strong diuretics help to clean out the urinary tract which can assist in detoxification and also prevent the accumulation of waste which forms kidney stones

• ginger—a very common natural supplement, this can not only help cleanse the colon but also boost metabolism which will work greatly towards weight loss

• green tea and acai—two common natural components known for their laxative uses

• gymnema sylvestre—this Indian supplement actually prevents the body from absorbing sugar, aiding greatly in weight loss

• lactobacillus—this ingredient is a probiotic so that it not only removes waste but also introduces healthy bacteria which can aid in digestion

• magnesium oxide—praised for both its efficiency and its safety

• psyllium husk—this natural laxative has the added bonus of coating the colon waste in a layer of mucus which makes it easier to be passed from the body

• senna leaf—one of the few ingredients actually improved by the FDA for treating constipation

• slippery elm—noted for its antioxidants which can help with problems such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome by relaxing and soothing the intestines

One of the most common questions regarding colon cleansers involves their safety. Like any supplement, individuals should do research and speak with their health care provider about the potential benefits compared with the potential side effects. Individuals with colon problems such as Crohn’s disease should be especially careful. With colon cleansing, there is a greater risk of dangerous side effects from high colonics or colonic irrigation, which is more invasive and can lead to problems if performed incorrectly or too often. Many of the colon cleansers on the market are safe and greatly beneficial. Just a little research will provide you with the right cleanser for your health needs.

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