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Sam – #FlexFriday

#FlexFriday | Sam 21 YEARS OLD -@tilyoucollapse athlete -@rossaselftanning sponsor -@spartagymwear footwear athlete

samuelhall7 http://instagram.com/samuelhall7 | @SamHall93 https://twitter.com/SamHall93

When you start to notice your gains… ????

A photo posted by Sam (@samuelhall7) on

You know just another heavy ass back day to grow. ????????????

A photo posted by Sam (@samuelhall7) on

Grind/Hustle/Work That's the lifestyle. #mondaymotivation @tilyoucollapse

A photo posted by Sam (@samuelhall7) on

Questions & Answers:

Q. What does your workout split look like?

A. Monday: quads and calves Tuesday: back Wednesday: biceps and triceps Thursday: shoulders and traps Friday: hamstrings and calves Saturday: biceps and triceps Sunday: chest

Q. How long have you been lifting?

A. I’ve been lifting ever since I can remember. But I started the art of bodybuilding when I was 18. I’ve competed in one show. A natural show in April 2014 in the NANBF organization.

Q. What’s your favorite pre-workout meal?

A. Favorite pre workout meal would shredded chicken and potatoes, also a protein bar for extra energy.

Q. If you could control your gym’s radio for one day, what music would you play?

A. If I could control the gyms radio while I lift I would probably choose some modern rock music or alternative rock. Also I like old school rock like Metallica.

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