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Red Ranger Hits Impressive Deadlift

The Power Rangers didn’t just fizzle and fade away in the late 90’s as you may have thought –well, at least not all of them. The Red Ranger has obviously been in a lifting hibernation, building up his strength and power to make the biggest comeback—ok, in all seriousness, Silent Mike suited up in some nostalgic gear to hit an impressive 675 lb. deadlift and then gives the crowd what they want, a little celebration.

But really, “Silent” Mike Farr is no stranger to powerlifting and throwing around some heavy weight. He’s got some amazing lifts under his belt already. If you’re a fan of Silent Mike, you can hear him on the Mark Bell’s PowerCast as a co-host. Check out some of Mike’s impressive lifts at the SPF Backyard Meet of the Century II below.

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