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New Classic Physique Division Announced

BREAKING NEWS: It appears that the NPC/IFBB have listened to the complaints of bodybuilders and fans wanting to bring bodybuilding back to the “golden age” of physiques and aesthetics. Jim Manion, the NPC/IFBB Pro League President, with the help of others from the IFBB Professional League, has announced there will be a new division added to the bodybuilding world: Classic Physique. Manion himself said, “Classic Physique will highlight proportion, symmetry, pleasing lines, and a small waist.” It is described as a division to bridge the current Men’s Physique and Bodybuilding classes.

The Classic Physique division will be for competitors who want to increase muscle mass and size more than what is accepted in the Men’s Physique division, but not quite to the standards of the Pro Bodybuilding division. The Classic Physique division is also for those who can’t or don’t want to get to the size and mass that is acceptable in the Pro Bodybuilding class.

There will be a Classic Physique division at the 2016 Olympia. We can’t help but wonder which current Pro Bodybuilders or Men’s Physique Competitors are going to cut down in size or increase muscularity to cross over into the Classic Physique Division.

Get the scoop on all the information available about the Classic Physique division from Jim Manion and head judge Sandy Williamson.

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Comments (1)

bob johnson

March 1, 2016

what a joke

Manion is a criminal greedy dickhead and so is the npc.


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