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Michael Plantin – #FlexFriday

#FlexFriday | Michael Plantin | @tayski_93 | mplantin.mp@gmail.com | NPC | Physique | Vegas

aesthetic_mikes http://instagram.com/aesthetic_mikes/

Questions & Answers:

Q. How did you get into lifting?

A.I originally got into lifting because of high school sports. I was a football player and on the off season I would play lacrosse. Our high school coaches made it mandatory that the whole football team take weight training as a class. I was recognized as one of the strongest freshman and from then on I have the so called “bodybuilding bug.” I continued lifting after high school and seeing changes in my body continued to motivate me. Currently being in the military, it helps a lot to be physically fit– wearing vests and carrying ammunition around all day.

Q. What’s your favorite shoulder building exercise?

A. My favorite shoulder exercise would be side lateral raises because I personally think this is the best way to build the lateral head of your deltoid, giving bodybuilders that wide appearance. I always like to do isolation movements like this instead of a multipoint exercise like upright rows because I get a better workout when I can really squeeze, contract, and really focus on that one muscle. I highly recommend it for anyone that wants to build their delts. The lateral head of my delt has always been the weakest so I like to give it a little more attention than my front and rear delts.

Q. What is your go-to pre-workout meal?

A. Pre-workout is a very important meal! Its important to have a slow digesting carb so I like to go with oatmeal and depending on what I’m training I might add in a whey protein shake with it. I like to stay away from sugars and fast-release carbs until post workout because those help restore your glycogen and produce an insulin spike to rush your proteins and nutrients to your muscles cells. So some oatmeal and a protein shake is basically my go to meal for the mornings before a workout. Its quick, easy, and gets the engine running.

Q. . If you could workout with anyone, who would it be?

A. If I could train with anyone I would pick Kai Greene without any thought. I have seen him train with other people in a series on YouTube “Train with Kai” and the detail that goes into his training is insane. I’ve learned so much from him, like the mind and muscle connection you should have when training and how its not all about throwing weights around (which is what I used to tend to do…go in the gym and “ego-lift”), but that’s not going to get me onto the Men’s Physique Olympia stage so I’ve taken his concepts and implemented them into my own training. He seems like a humble guy who is willing to teach others the little tricks he has learned the hard way on his journey.

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