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Marcus Bondi Sets NEW Weighted Chin-ups World Record

At 49-years-old, trainer and fitness ambassador Marcus Bondi set a new world record for the most weighted chin-ups (40 lb) performed in 60 seconds. He powered through 30 repetitions in a just a minute’s time, beating the previous world record by 4 reps.

The funny thing is he actually set the record at a National Fitness Expo on October 17, 2015; however, the video quality of his performance at the Expo was bad, so he recorded himself beating the old record AGAIN the next day!

How is he so great at doing chin-ups, and what are some of his secrets to being so fit, you ask? Marcus posted some training tips on Reddit.com. Some of his advice is simple, yet important. “Remember to take huge big breaths for every single rep,” Marcus wrote. “Suck in as much air as possible, with force – it will serve to power you through your final reps.” He also offers nutritional and training advice, like avoiding alcohol because it “kills all your wonderful training, dehydrating your muscles & sapping strength progress,” as well as starting off your chin-up training by supersetting push-ups and pull-up combinations and adding weights in a backpack as you progress.

Be sure to check Marcus out on instagram (@marcusbondibeach) for amazing training clips and photos!

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