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Logan – #FlexFriday

#FlexFriday | LoganDelgado Machine Fitness Ambassador Discount Code-MFGOODYBEATS10 | NO-REST-DAYS | Athlete “DELGADO15” Online Personal Trainer. Traveler. YouTuber- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfLrsGeU0MJNw8o5aDdt5Bw

goodybeats http://instagram.com/goodybeats | @goodyBEATS https://twitter.com/goodyBEATS

Abs workout for lunch!

A photo posted by LoganDelgado™ (@goodybeats) on

Striations in my shoulders are starting to come in! Week 5 of THE SHRED VOL.2 #shredded

A photo posted by LoganDelgado™ (@goodybeats) on

Questions & Answers:

Q. What do you do to stay motivated?

A. Motivation to me is cyclical in nature. Some months I’m unhappy with my weight, so unhappy that I finally do something. Other months I’m working towards an event. And other months I;m competing with someone. No matter what I find why I want to accomplish whatever I want to and I set my sights on that and that alone.

Q. What does your workout split look like?

A. (Monday, Thursday Chest/Back), (Tuesday, Friday Arms/Shoulders), (Wednesday, Saturday LEGS!!) Rest Sunday.

Q. Tell us your favorite cheat meal!

A. Pepperoni pizza from Valentino’s which is a local pizza pie place in my home town! I LOVE IT!!!

Q. What is some advice you’d give to people new to the weights?

A. Take your time, Find a routine you like and stick with it and don’t be afraid to ask questions. But the most important thing is to have fun! If you’re not having fun you won’t stick with it!

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