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Is Sadik Hadzovic Leaving Men’s Physique?

With the recent announcement of a Classic Physique Division by IFBB President Jim Manion, many of Sadik Hadzovic’s took to social media to voice their opinion, urging him to crossover to the new division claiming that it would better fit his physique.

A couple days out from the 2015 Mr. Olympia competition, Sadik promptly posted this Instagram video, indicating he had no interest in crossing over to the Classic Division for 2016.

However, after coming in 2nd place again at the 2015 Olympia Men’s Physique competition, Sadik appears to perhaps be entertaining the idea of switching over. He posted what appeared to be a generic Instagram photo of his breakfast, however, his caption hinted at possibly competing in the Classic Division. Check

Is, as he puts it, “Giving the fans what they want,” hinting at crossing over, or is he just having fun with his fanbase? Regardless of Sadik Hadzovic’s ultimate decision, his following is loyal, and we’re sure they’ll support whatever he decides to do. We’re excited to see what the new Classic Division has to offer in the coming year!

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