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Humpday Motivation -Dwayne Johnson

Are you in a mid-week slump, in some desperate need of motivation, or just looking for some additional inspiration to keep owning your workouts this week? Dwayne Johnson’s Instagram page may be exactly what you need.

With over 29.8 million followers on Instagram alone, Dwayne Johnson is obviously no stranger to success and constant attention from the media. However, unlike many, Dwayne Johnson chooses to use his social media as an incredible outlet for a variety of purposes, including posting motivational photos and videos. Dwayne Johnson shows what it means to be the hardest worker in the gym, despite having such a grueling, busy schedule.

Here are some of our favorite recent and not-so recent posts that are sure to ignite a little fire inside that you can, in turn, harness and use to pursue your fitness goals.

Dwayne never skips out on a good leg day.

He constantly looks for ways to reinvent conventional exercises, and he makes tricep dips look baddass.

The gym isn’t a social hour for him, and he knows his way around the heavy iron.

He doesn’t shy away from opportunities to share his secret to success.

He built his own empire.

It doesn’t matter what time of the day it is, he doesn’t stop grinding.

Even on his busiest days, he doesn’t make excuses -not even for cardio.

He knows how to have a good time in the gym.

Baddest SOB in the gym.

A video posted by therock (@therock) on

He literally is the hardest working person in the gym.

If you’re not following Dwayne Johnson on instagram, you’re definitely missing out!

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