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Hayden Smith – #FlexFriday

#FlexFriday | Hayden Smith

hummuhsmiff http://instagram.com/hummuhsmiff | @hummuhsmiff https://twitter.com/hummuhsmiff

Finally got a decent stage pic! ???? haha being shredded paper thin skinned was fun and all but I'll let you guys in on a little secret it's horribly unhealthy to get this shredded it's funny the week we look the best is also the unhealthiest week! haha also another side note I HAVE GAINED OVER 20 POUNDS in under a week. ???????????? and it feels so good ???????????????????????? my body like litterally won't let me stop eating hahaha so many doughnuts ???????????????????????????? #mensphysique #shredded #gym #lift #obliques #malemodel #model #fatty #fitfam #motivation #beachbod #gohard #hnsupps #hnathletesearch #hardcorenutrition #guns #gaintrain #trainharderthenme #theblacktapeproject #musclecity #muscle #musclecontest #aesthetic #abs #aviary #physique #fitnessmodel #goldenerabodybuilding

A photo posted by Hayden Smith (@hummuhsmiff) on

Alright here it is in all of its awful embarrassing glory. #TransformationTuesday this is when my fitness journey all began. way back in that awful middle school weight training class where I would watch kids my age bench 45 plates like it was nothing. while Lil Ole me struggled with just the bar. Fast forward 6 years and I can bench more then six times that… This was the age that I was tired of being bullied and being the little barrel with stick arms. This was when I decided to change… With what small experience I have. I came to the conclusion that those who have it harder will always be stronger if they choose to over come…. If I can do this in 6 years. What can you do with a lifetime? #changeyoself #transform #gym #goldenerafitness #goldenerabodybuilding #fitfam #progress #hnathletesearch #hnsupps #gohard #hardcorenutrition

A photo posted by Hayden Smith (@hummuhsmiff) on

Questions & Answers:

Q. Have you always been interested in fitness? What got you into training?

A. I started working out when I was about 15 and the reason I started was because my slightly overweight best friend needed a gym buddy and I was sick of being the small guy! Haha

Q. Are you going to be competing any time soon? If so, when?

A. I just barely finished my first competition on Jan 31 and I plan on hitting the Jay cutler show in Vegas in april!

Q. What does your diet look like right now?

A. Right now I’m in a 10 day mini bulk so it’s eat everything in sight!! haha but when I diet I eat a lot of egg whites, chicken, lean turkey, brocilli, asparagus, sweet potatoes, oatmeal, and brown rice and HEAPS of hot sauce and ketchup haha

Q. Everybody’s got to have some kind of music they love training to. What songs are on your workout playlist right now?

A. So I actually listen to piano music or religious talks. I found when I listen to screamo or dance music I could only lift my best “when the beat drops” and I wanted more self control then that so now when I lift it’s solely me pushing my body and not me getting hyped because of my music!

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