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Hafthór Björnsson Thor Shatters A 1000-Year-Old Record

Many of you may know Hafthór Björnsson Thor as “The Mountain” on the popular show Game of Thrones; however, Hafthór Björnsson Thor is most known as being an Icelandic strongman competitor.

On top of all of Hafthór Björnsson Thor’s recent success in competitions, he just wrote himself into history as being the man to blow away a previous 1000-year-old record.

Legend has it that a thousand-years ago, Orm Storolfson carried the viking ship Ormen Lange’s mast on his shoulders. Well, Hafthór Björnsson Thor just took that a step further, literally. Hafthór Björnsson Thor just carried the 640 kg log for five grueling steps -the first to accomplish this since Orm Storolfson.

This video is quite possibly the pinnacle of monstrous strength, power, and might. It’s hard not to be inspired after watching Hafthór Björnsson Thor successfully carry this log and then hop over the frame to celebrate and be received by fans and supporters.

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