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Former Physique Competitor Making UFC Debut

Former physique competitor turned kickboxing and karate world champion Sage Northcutt is not just bringing his skills to the octagon for UFC 192, he’s also bringing his aesthetics -and he’s been receiving quite a bit of attention as a result.

Sporting a fitness model-like physique while fighting it out inside the octagon isn’t as common as you may expect in the UFC world because, well, as eye-catching and flashy as a shredded, muscular physique is, genetics play a huge factor when it comes to aesthetics, and it doesn’t do much for you during the fight -at least this is what many fighters believe. This is because, in theory, the more muscle size you have, the slower you may become, and this would definitely put you at a disadvantage in an MMA fight. This doesn’t mean to say that you don’t see some fighters with bigger defined muscles, you just don’t see many looking like they just walked off a physique stage.

Even Dana White was initially a little skeptical of Sage Northcutt’s appearance. In the video below, one guy sitting next to Dana can even be heard saying, “What is that, an Abercrombie model? Can he even fight?” However, after Dana saw Sage dominate his opponent in the LFC 42 fight, he quickly changed his mind about him. “We were actually making fun of him,” Dana says, “We ain’t making fun of him now!” Dana was visibly impressed with Sage’s performance and he eventually was brought to his feet cheering.

Check out Sage Northcutt’s awesome fight below and see why everyone is talking about him!

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