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CT Fletcher – My Magnificent Obsession

By now you’ve probably seen or at least heard of CT Fletcher. Best known for his power-lifting success in 1995 with records that remain unbeaten even to this day and his aggressive, in-your face-attitude, CT Fletcher has become an inspiring icon to both the new and older generation of lifters. To say he is a hard working, no-nonsense man would be an understatement.

CT Fletcher’s unique approach to training and enthusiasm is aggressive and a constant reminder of the sweat, tears, and even blood that is required to make incredible progress and life-changing results.

It’s no surprise that, like all successful and driven people, CT Fletcher’s accomplishments and subsequent fame have been met with naysayers and skeptics -albeit very few. Critics of his may say at times he’s over-the-top, but one thing’s for sure: his attitude towards lifting and his passion are as genuine and real as it gets. It’s no surprise that he has quickly gathered a massive following of fans on his social media accounts, which he now uses as a way to call people to action and to motivate.

Sip on some pre-workout and check out this clip from the upcoming feature documentary, My Magnificent Obsession, available on September 18, 2015.

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