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Bradley Martyn’s Insane Squats

Bradley Martyn is an online coach and Fitness Youtuber. His YouTube channel features a ton of entertaining and informative content. Whether its demonstrating effective workout splits, collaborating with other fitness celebrities like Dom Mazzetti and even professional bodybuilders like Kai Greene, or hosting Q&A sessions on various topics, his videos are educational and even hilarious at times. Getting through a video of his without a couple laughs is quite a feat in itself.

Well, Bradley recently posted a video of him squatting 315 lbs. for reps on a hands-free electric scooter, and it has since gone viral! This is one of the craziest things we’ve seen done in the gym in a long time! Disclaimer:This is extremely dangerous, and we don’t recommend attempting to recreate this stunt in any shape or form.

So, what do you think? Is Bradley a beast,out of his mind, or both?! Squatting 315 lbs. as easily as he did is impressive by itself, not to mention on two wheels. As a side note, the fact the scooter didn’t break underneath all the squat weight is quite surprising.

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