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Appetite Supplements can be a Helpful Aid to a Weight Loss Program

Acai Berries

For those looking to lose some fat and excess pounds but are struggling with traditional methods such as eating fewer calories and upping exercise levels, appetite suppressants may be just the ticket to boosting your metabolism while keeping your desire for overeating at bay.

Never taken an appetite suppressant before or are afraid of its side effects? You are not alone but supplements are now more accepted in the mainstream and some brands are considered a relatively healthy and safe aid to weight loss programs. They are even reviewed on respected health information websites like Lance Armstrong’s LiveStrong site. While they state there can be benefits in taking appetite suppressants to help with weight loss, the site is more in favor of prescription supplements vs. over the counter pills but they do acknowledge that for healthy individuals these supplements can work.

So what to look for? You want to find those that have natural ingredients like fiber or other ingredients you find in healthy foods like fruits and vegetables. Fiber and some fruit extracts are natural appetite suppressants and are now being included in supplements to make it easier to give customers the fiber or other nutrients they need all in the convenience of a daily pill.

Another natural ingredient found in some appetite suppressants is mango extract, like the one included in the brand supplement Irving Appress, which is sold at an online supplement store like www.eSupplements.com . The official term is called Invingia Gabonensis and it is an extract derived from the seed of an African mango, which is eaten by the natives of West Africa, and helps with boosting metabolism and aiding weight loss. Other types of natural appetite suppressants are those associated with the Acai berry, L-carnitine and 5-HTP, which works by increasing serotonin to the brain. It elevates the mood at the same time it decreases the appetite.

You can purchase appetite suppressants through your local pharmacy or through a reputable online supplement retailer like Esupplements. Their caring staff can help you find the right product to meet your particular health need all at competitive prices. It’s important to purchase an appetite suppressant that you know exactly what the ingredients are and have researched the ingredients online to be aware of any potential side effects.

The most effective way to use a supplement, in many cases, is to take it for at least a year for best results and to take it in conjunction with a healthy eating plan and moderate exercise. It’s also best to consult with your doctor first to make sure you are not putting your health at risk by a new supplement regimen. Most medical insurances don’t cover the cost of these supplements but some may cover all of the cost or at least offer a discount so check with them to make sure.

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October 17, 2012

Very Good Article

Very Good Article, thank you!


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