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Top Physiques of the Week 5-2-15

Hard work should ALWAYS be recognized, which is why we wanted to highlight some of our favorite physiques we came across last week on instagram. Check them out & give them a follow for more fitness motivation!

This one goes out to all the people who say #FlexibleDieting doesn't work? While a lot of people give IIFYM a bad rep by acting like they eat chocolate all day and get shredded, eating smart and tracking macros has shown to be the most successful and sustainable way to diet and reach your fitness goals??? personally, I don't even try to convince the anti-IIFYM haters anymore?? let them hate and eat their boiled chicken and asparagus, my clients and I use it and see great results, do what works for YOU!! to each their own?? ——————————— If you need help with your diet, want to get healthy, get ready for a show, or simply look better naked, contact us? Be a part of #TeamBodyFit? ?Meal Plans/Workout Plans ?Flexible Dieting Coaching ?Prep Coaching ?BodyFitAthletics@gmail.com ———————————

A photo posted by ?Lucas Braga? (@themacrodoctor) on

When you can't help but notice those rear delts after your shoulder workout #3weeksout

A photo posted by C A R O L I N E T U S I U K (@carolinetusiuk) on

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