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Top Physiques of the Week 4-25-15

Hard work should ALWAYS be recognized, which is why we wanted to highlight some of our favorite physiques we came across last week on instagram. Check them out & give them a follow for more fitness motivation!

Ya brahh

A photo posted by Landon Crowter (@crowter6) on

Reverse diet going ????. I ?? you food.

A photo posted by Maryellen Hwang (@maryellenhwang) on

There is no such thing as 'spot reduction'. Commercials and media publications perpetuate this belief by trying to sell you products such as the '6 pack abs' and other ridiculous products. ———————————– In order to see a reduction in body fat one must be in a overall weekly caloric deficit. There is some belief in the bodybuilding community that certain cardio protocols or actions will bring in more detail e.g. Contracting glutes while on the treadmill/stepper but this is nonsense and will surely make your cardio less enjoyable than it already is. ————————————— Each of us will have places of 'stubborn body fat', but not to worry, this can be reduced, it just means you aren't lean enough yet and will take more time in a deficit. ——————————————– Word of advice, don't judge your conditioning or body fat level based off your best body part, and same with your worst body part. We can't pick where our body fat goes; so we just need to accept our genetic inheritance and action the best measures we can if we want to better the issue at bay! Stubborn bodyfat will only be stubborn for so long, trust the process and the fat will go ???? ———————————————– Online Coaching, Training & Nutrition ????matthewstgeorge@hotmail.com

A photo posted by Matthew St George (@mattythenatty) on

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