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Top Physiques of the Week 3-14-15

Hard work should ALWAYS be recognized, which is why we wanted to highlight some of our favorite physiques we came across last week on instagram.

Kill them with success???????? Top by || @thedriveclothing

A photo posted by Maria ? Zervos (@maria_zervos) on

You're imagination guys is a preview of you're life's coming attractions -GP

A photo posted by Steven Christensen (@steven_christensen) on

#NATTYNATION #NATTYGAINS DOUBLE TAP IF YOU LOVE TO BE SHR33DED! #grindtime365 #beataverage #teamON Last day of carb depleat to burn the rest of the fat down, then tomorrow we load, gain size and stay cut all at the same time before we head to the 2015 Arnold Classic. It's amazing how you can change your body when applying the right science to nutrition/training and implement correct nutrition timing phases for food consumption etc. The fact I can get this way in less then a week at any given time of the year being 100% DRUG FREE, goes to show anybody can do it if you take the TIME and give the EFFORT to learn and apply the correct methods. The people that say "yeah right" deem any hard task impossible and set themselves up to fail from the start and will never reach thier full potential in life. Everything starts with a thought, a dream, something you envision followed by action. If your thoughts don't match your actions then you may as well give up. Connect your body and mind to a sole purpose in life, taking the time to test the possibility of the impossible and you will find you will get closer then you think! Workouts, meal plans, ebooks, supplementation lists, contest prep, apparel and much more at www.bmcfitness.net/services NATTY NATION hats releasing mid March @natty.nation www.nattynation.net NATTY NATION Lifestyle | Performance ONE NATION UNDER IRON www.nattynation.net

A photo posted by Brock Cunico (@brockcunico) on

F-I-N-I-S-H the task at hand

A photo posted by Nolan Ritter (@nolan.ritter) on

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