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Priscilla Lucci – Q&A

Priscilla Lucci

Priscilla Lucci is a Muscle Element’s Nationally Qualified NPC Bikini Competitor who just competed at 2015 Junior Nationals over the weekend. She’s no stranger to hard work and dedication. Follow her for some great workout motivation and check out the Q&A conversation at the bottom of the post!

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Questions & Answers:

Q.Your physique is on point! We know contest prep can be absolutely grueling. As a bikini competitor, what would you say is your favorite thing about preparing for NPC competitions?

A. : Thank you so much! My favorite part would definitely be just watching the changes your body goes through, and growing a physique you never thought was possible. It’s the most accomplishing feeling.

Q. What does your workout split look like right now?

A. I do a 5 day split….legs (quads dominate), back, arms, shoulders, legs (glute dominate), and ABs every other day.

Q.What are some of your secrets to staying so lean?

A.: I think it’s a balance in diet and running a percent of 50%-40% protein, 30% carb, and 20%-30% fat and don’t mix energy foods (fats vs carbs) to high levels or that often, unless you’re doing a re-feed.

Q. If you could train with anyone in the world, who would it be and why?

A.I would have to say Ashley Kaltwasser. I think she has a phenomenal physique and is an all around beautiful classy woman.

Q. If you HAD to pick, which flavor of The Truth protein powder is your favorite?

A.They are both AMAZING, but if I had to choose, I would say Vanilla Wafer because it’s easier to mix with other foods, like in your morning oatmeal.

Q. What are some tips to overcoming and breaking through plateaus many individuals may hit throughout their training and exercise regimen?

A.I train with the thought of always keeping your body guessing. Never train the same way twice. Transitioning the amount of weights, time under tension, and the order of your exercises.

Q.You obviously know how to build a healthy, well-rounded physique. What are some of your favorite upper-body exercises you’d recommend to women new to fitness that want to attain some tone, lean muscle.

A.Training and toning muscle is an art. You want to know what muscles are strength and which are contractionary for example I train shoulders (my favorite) in three parts. I train front delt heavy and small reps to failure, then side delt with light weights and lots of reps, then to rear delts low weight high reps. Understanding that is a huge. Understanding muscle function and how the body works is super important for growth.

Q. What sets Muscle Elements AmiNo Flow apart from other BCAA supplements, and when do you like to supplement with it?

A.It’s has N.O. support with allows you to get a GREAT muscle pump, also promotes protein synthesis, supports muscular endurance, and helps with muscle recovery, all in one great tasting formula! It’s truly unique and outstanding. I drink it about 30mins before my training session.

Q. How do you stay so motivated to be in such great shape considering the hard work and dedication it takes to be a competitive Bikini competitor?

A.I have always had a competitive spirit, and played sports my whole life. I love a challenge, and pushing myself past my comfort zone because that’s when you grow mentally. It also really helps to surround yourself with people who are just as motivated, and dedicated, so you push each other!

Q. What are your fitness goals for the future?

A. I want to earn my pro card and someday stand with the best on the Olympia stage.

Q. What’s your go-to form of cardio for the best results?

A.: Step Mill and spin bike HIIT style. (2min seated, 1 min out of the seat)

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Brooke Lynn H. Stanton

June 18, 2015


What was your biggest motivation? What kept you going? Who did you look for in your journey for inspiration?


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