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5 Top Benefits of Natural Supplements


It’s a sad fact that today’s food has less nutrition than the same food of an earlier time. It has to do with farming methods and the need to supply hungry consumers with what they want, when they want it. Taking extra vitamins and supplements alongside your usual diet is one good way to make up for the lowered level of nutrition in our food, but unfortunately, not all supplements are made equal, and that’s where the problem lies.

Many of the supplements available today are actually a synthetic production. They contain artificial ingredients, in other words, often manufactured using inexpensive chemical compounds as a base, compounds like alloxal, coal tar and even nicotine, for example. Many people believe they are eating pure foods, and they may well be, but if they try to reinforce them with synthetic artificial ingredients, they are not getting the real benefits that only natural food ingredients can provide. Here are the 5 top benefits of using natural supplements.

1. Your body can absorb the nutrition in natural supplements much more easily and much more readily than it can absorb artificial foods. It will do you more good too, helping to stave off the seasonal colds and flu that invariably come along in winter. When the ingredients are naturally produced, they are in better harmony with you, whether it is herbal nutrition, fish oil, folic acid or other vitamin and mineral supplements.

2. When the supplements you take are all natural, there will be no side effects, or there will be much less likelihood of having an adverse experience. Things that are natural are generally safe and effective, enabling you to stay healthy for longer. Your body doesn’t need added chemicals, artificial coloring or preservatives either. They may make the pills look good and keep longer, but you won’t get any such benefits.

3. Natural supplements come from food that is most suited to human beings. You wouldn’t want ones derived from dog food, would you? Dogs may thrive on it, but you are not a dog. Ingredients that are derived from food that is not fully suited to people should be avoided, for it is not natural, and you will not get the most benefit possible out of it.

4. Natural foods, whether taken as normal meals or as supplements, provide you with key nutrients that keep you healthy. They help to prevent disease and they boost the human immune system. Should you succumb to something nasty, as most of us do from time to time, you will be much more likely to recover faster through taking something natural, and not from taking something synthetic or artificially created.

5. Natural supplements will cost you less in the long term. Your body will absorb the natural health giving properties much faster and more completely, providing you with greater benefits all round. Your body is not designed to absorb synthetic or artificial ingredients, so it does it badly. You are more likely to have irritation or an allergic reaction when the things you take are not natural. After all, it makes sense, doesn’t it?

Your life depends on the health of your body, so it stands to reason that treating it well provides you with your best chance to stay healthy. Vitamin and mineral supplements that are derived from 100% natural human foods will always be better for you than anything derived from artificial ingredients. Always check the supplement labeling to be sure that you only take something natural and good, then you can safely enjoy all the many benefits that will inevitably follow.

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