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2018's 10 Best
TUDCA Supplements

Although TUDCA was re-marketed as a daily supplement, most of its health benefits come from the impact it has on your liver.

The confusion coming out of the health community on this issue is rooted in the disregard of liver health on the rest of your body. A poorly-functioning liver can lead to less muscle gain, stagnated fat loss, bad mood, and an increase in free radicals throughout your system.

You can thank you liver for the proper functioning of:

  • Bile acids to metabolise fats
  • Protein production for blood plasma
  • Processing hemoglobin for iron content
  • Regulating blood clotting
  • Clearing toxins, bacteria, and immune factors from your blood

There are so many things in this world that can kill liver function. Something as simple as taking too much tylenol, drinking too often, or even being pregnant can lead to serious liver problems. This is why products like TUDCA, Taurine, UDCA, and others may be so vital to maintaining your health.

It doesn’t matter what you are doing in your life, there are things that will stress your liver. Giving it proper support can help prevent major issues from popping up.

TUDCA is especially great for being a protective supplement. It can help fortify your liver strength. Then, when stressors happen to come across your routine, your body is better suited to handle it. This is why it’s considered such a great essential supplement.

Regardless of the reason you are here, there is much that you need to know and understand about this supplement. You should know the best benefits, the best way to get it, and how it might affect you. Especially if there are any concerns about how it interacts with medications. Jump to our list of amazing TUDCA Supplements

How Does it Work?

To understand the benefits of TUDCA, you first have to know where it comes from. Tauroursodeoxycholic acid is a combination of UDCA and Taurine. Both of these supplements are well known for their positive impact on liver function and cell protection.

UDCA is a typical bile acid found in your intestines. Fun fact, the only other creature it’s found in is bears! (Hey, Boo-boo! Let’s go get us a pic-a-nic basket!)

TUDCA is an FDA-approved drug for the treatment of cholestatic liver diseases. These are caused by a buildup or blockage in your liver of bile salts that prevent proper bile flow. This buildup will make anyone sick. It is especially common in the elderly, but has also been seen in pregnant women, alcoholics, and chronic steroid users.

Taurine is a conditional amino acid. This means it’s something that your body creates or can derive from food . People who take taurine use it for a mood boost or its hepatoprotective capabilities. This is because it protects cells from free radicals and other stressors that break down cells.

Check out the Top 10 Taurine Supplements page for more information.

When you combine Taurine and UDCA to get TUDCA. Gimme a T! Gimme an UDCA! What does that spell? Bile salt. Yup. You read that right. When you combine these two ingredients you it creates a water-soluble bile salt, which is uncommon but very beneficial. Bile salts aren’t water soluble, which can cause a buildup of them in your liver. This can cause cell destruction and liver damage.

TUDCA’s high water-solubility allows it to provide cell protection, boost fat and glucose metabolism, and help improve liver function. Jump to our list of amazing TUDCA Supplements

What are the Benefits of taking TUDCA?

If you’re here it’s because you’re looking for the perfect supplement to optimize your liver health. TUDCA is a widely-accepted supplement for promoting liver health and helping your liver cleanse your body!

But recent studies have shone a new light on this product.

Researchers have found that, thanks to its qualities, TUDCA is a fantastic general health supplement as well as liver support. It’s got its hands into cellular health, liver support, glucose and blood lipid metabolism, and even brain health.

ER (endoplasmic reticulum) stress response

This is actually the big dog when it comes to what benefits TUDCA offers. The reason that it has so many benefits is because of the interaction it has with cellular health. It is great for reducing cell stress/breakdown.

Both UDCA and TUDCA can moderate the ER response and assist in proper protein folding.

“Studies examining the mechanisms of TUDCA and UDCA action have shown that these compounds act as potent inhibitors of apoptosis by interfering with the mitochondrial pathway of cell death, inhibiting oxygen-radical production, and reducing endoplasmic reticulum stress and caspase activation (Figure 1).” (1)

Many issues that arise in liver, brain, and metabolic health are caused by a lack of protein folding. If there is a backup of protein folding, then your cells trigger an ER stress response that provides more chaperones to fold the proteins. If there are too many chaperones per protein particle, the cell usually dies.

Liver support

Your liver doesn’t need help with much. It is capable of cleaning itself, healing itself, and doing its job besides. Don’t mind me, I’m just the self-sufficient janitor here! Problems arise though when you stress it out too much. Being hard on your liver has the capacity to cause even more serious problems ranging from minor upset to liver failure

These stresses can be purposeful or entirely unknown to you. Some of the most common liver stressors are acetaminophen use, alcoholism, and steroid use. But did you know that pregnancies have a chance to cause liver failure as well? Pregnancy-related issues are rare, but often a TUDCA supplement can be taken to prevent issues.

The reason TUDCA works as a great liver support is three-fold.

One: it is a bile salt. Bile salts are essential for proper liver function. They help metabolise fats and sugars so your body can use what it needs and excrete the rest. It’s possible to be deficient in the right kinds of bile salts. This can cause a sort of back up in your system.

Two: it’s water soluble. This makes it easier for your liver to absorb and fully use it. This actually makes it better than UDCA and many other bile salts. Because TUDCA can be absorbed better, it can get its fingers down into the nitty gritty of things.

Three: its abilities extend to cell protection. Where other bile salts might backup and result in further cell death, TUDCA can clean out build-up and provide extra protection to your cells. This can help prevent liver failure and promote a healthier body ecosystem. Jump to our list of amazing TUDCA Supplements

Glucose Metabolism and Obesity

Fat lipid and glucose metabolism are some of the most vital processes taken care of by your pancreas, liver, kidney, and small intestines. These rely on a steady and capable amount of bile acids to be able to run these processes. (5)

As with most benefits associated with TUDCA, glucose and fat lipid metabolism have been linked with improved liver function. Your liver is a primary mediator in glucose metabolism (6), along with a few others like your lower intestines.

TUDCA is essential in digestion, fat lipid use, and promoting insulin secretion from your pancreas.

“While bile acids are important for the digestion process, they also act as signaling molecules in many tissues, including the endocrine pancreas, which expresses specific bile acid receptors that regulate several cell functions.”(5)

A loss in proper intestinal function is enough to increase your chances of diabetes and obesity. This aspect is interesting. Food that contains a lot of sugar and fat is also associated with decreased liver function. This is because it overloads the liver’s utilization capacity.

Increasing TUDCA availability with supplements can give your body an essential, and many times lacking, bile acid. It can improve your chance of healthy weight loss that will stay off.

Brain health

TUDCA is an essential agent in the fight against strokes, Huntington’s Disease, and Alzheimers. This is because it prevents cell death and transports sugars, fats, and proteins to your brain.

Before we get into this, it’s necessary to explain that TUDCA is not a cure, or even a fully-endorsed form of preventive medicine. If you are prone to any of the three issues listed above, do not ignore doctor’s advice in the name of TUDCA. What TUDCA can do though is provide another layer of protection. Although, this still doesn’t guarantee results.

This is still being heavily studied, but TUDCA may be able to reduce the chance of a certain toxin causing cell death. If this is proven, it could be considered as a preventative measure for Huntington’s Disease. This effect has largely been shown in rats. Although, many are calling for more research to find it as a great potential candidate for risk reduction. (7)

In a similar stream of logic, a few studies have shown TUDCA to reduce chances of Alzheimer’s disease because of the way it can prevent cell death. In this case, the radicals that might be causing the cell death are deflected and have their habits reversed when they hit a cell protected by TUDCA. (8)

And because of the way it protects your brain, there is a logical leap that it can protect your brain against stroke. This is more in the sense that it prevents an injury from taking place. This is because of the way it protects cells and might be able to reverse the effects of harmful attacks. (9) Jump to our list of amazing TUDCA Supplements

How Do TUDCA Supplements Compare?

TUDCA is a rare supplement. It isn’t possible to get it directly from food sources. It is either created in your body with the combination of UDCA and Taurine, or you have to use a supplement. That being the case, there is little question about its efficacy, and most are focusing instead on the necessity of its usage. There are many supplements out there claiming to be cell protecting, liver promoting, and brain power boosting! This makes it difficult to find what works best for you!

TUDCA’s main competitors are NAC, UDCA, and Taurine. All have proven health benefits that match that of TUDCA, but come with their own drawbacks.


If you’ve made it this far you’ve probably also made it to the bodybuilding forums. Both NAC and TUDCA are known for their use by bodybuilders during steroid cycles.

That’s totally normal, and frustrating as heck.

When you get down to it, NAC has far more long-reaching benefits. It’s an antioxidant, liver support, and neuroprotectant. It has a ton of scientific backing and is even used in hospitals as a cure for acetaminophen overdose.

Read more on NAC here.

Just because it has further-reaching benefits thouough, that doesn’t necessarily make it better than TUDCA. It isn’t likely to protect cells in the case of a bile salt back up in your liver. And it doesn’t help your liver in the same way. It might remove toxins, but the problems that people have had is that if they start taking NAC as a way to handle a big problem, they end up reliant on it.

TUDCA is better at building your liver’s strength and capacity, and you don’t typically become forever reliant on it to see lasting results.


UDCA is a precursor to TUDCA, as you probably remember. TUDCA is created when UDCA and Taurine get together. UDCA is often prescribed as medication and is fully backed by the FDA.

That being said, you have to be prescribed UDCA to use it. Many claim that TUDCA might be better in these instances because of its level of water solubility. TUDCA is water soluble, while UDCA is not. So it might not be as effective as TUDCA unless taken in much higher doses.

The issue with TUDCA, is that if you are on the verge of liver failure the FDA hasn’t backed it as a potential treatment option. This is because the research isn’t there yet for it to be a true medication.

It is better if you are taking it as a preventative measure while partaking in potentially harmful behaviors. This is why you see bodybuilders taking it. Steroids are known for destroying your liver. Without the proper nutrients in place there can be serious consequences that follow.

TUDCA is all over cheaper and easier to get your hands on. Just don’t ignore any doctor’s advice you get in regards to using it, if they prescribe UDCA. Jump to our list of amazing TUDCA Supplements

TUDCA V. Taurine

TUDCA and Taurine are on a similar level when it comes to safety, availability, and even cost. You can safely take either. Both will support your liver, your brain, and your health.

Taurine has a wide range of benefits but those benefits aren’t entirely associated with liver protection.

Check out the Top 10 Taurine Supplements page for more information. The same issue arises with taurine as with UDCA, though. Research shows that TUDCA is better absorbed by your liver because of its water solubility.

This gives it a slight edge on Taurine, but again it comes down to why you are choosing one or the other.

Taurine is a great mood boost and cell protectant, but it’s effects on the liver are minimal when compared to TUDCA. TUDCA’s benefits are associated with healthy liver function and all the benefits that go with that.

Does TUDCA Have Side Effects?

The side effects of TUDCA are mostly caused by the way it interacts with alcohol in your system. Taking TUDCA right before drinking has been known to cause serious damage and is most definitely warned against.

It’s always best to limit heavy drinking, and in the case of its interaction with TUDCA, make sure there are several hours, if not a full day, between the two. This is primarily to protect your liver from the shock that it will go through when dealing with both at the same time.


Our top 10 list of TUDCA supplements is organized to reflect what you most value in your supplements. First and foremost is quality. All of or top ten supplements meet high standards of quality and come from brands with a proven record in excellence and purity. Another important factor in deciding the top ten was cost. You don’t have to pay through the nose to get a high quality supplement. In addition, all the companies represented on our top ten list have stellar records with customer service and prompt shipping to ensure that your supplement experience is enjoyable from the first click to your final capsule.


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#1 - TUDCA

The Standout: Highly Effective, Affordable Price

Nutricost's TUDCA delivers 250 mg of high quality Tauroursodeoxycholic Acid in every serving, designed to boost immunity and help eliminate toxic compounds to enhance liver function and health. Each convenient, fast-dissolving capsules are just 47 cents per serving, and each bottle offers a full 2 months supply.

  • 250 mg TUDCA
  • 60 Servings Per Bottle
  • 47 Cents Per Serving
  • Enhances Liver Health
  • Supports Detoxification

Tauroursodeoxycholic acid, or TUDCA, is a bile salt is metabolized by bacteria into UDCA (ursodeoxycholic acid) and then later bound to a taurine molecule to become TUDCA. TUDCA appears to promote healthy regulation for cells in the liver, by triggering regeneration and reducing cell death.

TUDCA may also improve insulin sensitivity in the liver and muscle cells preferentially over adipose cells, diverting excess nutrients to muscles rather than fat stores.

Nutricost's TUDCA is premium quality that is Gluten Free, Non-GMO, and contains No Preservatives. With several dozen 5 star rave reviews on Amazon, Nutricost is top tier when it comes to TUDCA supplementation.

Keep Reading »
SPECIAL OFFER - BOGO 50% OFF 60 CAPSULES OPTION! For a limited time only, buy one bottle of Nutricost's Tudca (60 capsules option only), get the 2nd half off! Don't miss out on this great deal! Must add 2 bottles to cart for discount to apply.View Offer »

#2 - VitaDirect Tudca

The Standout: Straight Forward Formula

Topping our list at #2 is VitaDirect's TUDCA, a premium, high quality TUDCA supplement designed to help detoxify the liver and support healthy liver enzyme levels. Each capsule contains 300 Mg of Tauroursodeoxycholic Acid, which has been shown to be more effective than Milk Thistle.

  • 300 mg TUDCA
  • 60 Servings Per Bottle
  • Liver Detox
  • Boost Liver Function

TUDCA has been used for centuries in Asia to improve overall health. TUDCA has been found to reduce toxic bile acid build up in the liver, enhancing liver health, as well as immune function. TUDCA can also help minimize cholesterol levels and insulin resistance.

VitaDirect TUDCA is simple yet effective, and you can save when you shop on Amazon and take advantage of free 2 day shipping with Prime.

Keep Reading »

#3 - Nutraceutical Solution TUDCA

Nutraceutical Solution TUDCA provides 250 mg of high quality TUDCA, a water-soluble bile salt that has been shown to support detoxification and healthy liver functions. TUDCA is responsible for beneficial regulation of liver cells, by enhancing regeneration and minimizing cell death. In fact, TUDCA has a protective effect on all cells and this applies to the brain as well, and promotes healthy brain function as well as liver function. Keep Reading »

#4 - Premium Powders Premium TUDCA

Focused on enhancing the health of the mind and body, Premium Powders Premium TUDCA uses 250mg of Tauroursodeoxycholic acid to support the healthy function as well as detoxification of the liver. HPLC tested in an FDA inspected facility, TUDCA may be able to stimulate the natural flow of bile and prevent toxins from attacking the liver. Keep Reading »

#5 - Antaeus Labs Aegis

Taking 125mg of Tauroursodeoxycholic acid and blending it with 300mg of Polyenylphosphatidylcholine along with other potent ingredients, makes Antaeus Labs’ Aegis a quality product. This combination has the potential to improve liver health, eliminate toxins, prevent harm to cells, and improve bile flow for the ultimate liver protectant. Keep Reading »

#6 - Olympus Labs TUDCA

Olympus Labs TUDCA is a high quality supplement that is specifically designed to protect and support the liver and can be used on as well as off of a cycle. Providing the body with 250mg in each serving, TUDCA may be able to increase the healthy function of the liver, reduce toxins, and increase cholesterol levels to get them to a healthy state. Keep Reading »

#7 - Element Nutraceuticals TUDCA

Element Nutraceuticals TUDCA supplies 300 mg of TUDCA in every capsule, with 30 capsules per bottle. TUDCA can help promote healthy liver function and support detoxification by eliminating metabolites from the liver. TUDCA can also help promote healthy cholesterol levels, making it a well rounded liver supporting supplement. Keep Reading »

#8 - ThermoLife Liver Longer

ThermoLife Liver Longer is specifically formulated to enhance the healthy functioning of the liver especially when oral steroids are in use. A great choice for support during a cycle and cleansing post cycle, Liver Longer uses 250mg of Tauroursodeoxycholic Acid to prevent the formation of toxins while eliminating existing liver toxins as well. Keep Reading »

#9 - Gun Show Supplements CLEAR

Combining two potent ingredients - TUDCA and NAC, Gun Show Supplements has created CLEAR Professional Liver Support. Making sure to provide equal portions of both ingredients, one serving of CLEAR contains 250mg of each. Together, this formula has the potential to improve the function and detoxification of the liver. Keep Reading »

#10 - Predator Nutrition TUDCA Elite

Predator Nutrition TUDCA Elite offers premium liver support, and their top tier TUDCA (Tauroursodeoxycholic acid) helps detoxify the liver for cycle liver support. TUDCA has also been shown to restore normal glucose metabolism and improve insulin sensitivity. Some research also reflects that TUDCA has liver protective effects against Acetylaldehyde (alcohol). So while TUDCA is advertised predominantly as a liver support supplement, it has benefits for overall health. Keep Reading »

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