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2018's 10 Best
Recovery Supplements

Restore and Repair Your Muscles with BCAAs and Nutrients

The recovery period is equally important as the time spent in the gym, but is often overlooked. To stay in top shape and minimize recovery time, a quality recover supplement is critical. Ideally, a recovery supplement should deliver key nutrients and amino acids to ignite protein synthesis and restock muscle nutrient stores.

Stop playing recovery roulette and start doing something about it! Our top 10 recovery supplements will nourish and repair muscles so you can get back to the gym ASAP without having to deal with muscle catabolism or soreness.

#1 - XTEND

This simple, straightforward, all-in-one formula is designed to intensify muscle training and transform your body. Scivation's XTEND delivers key nutrients, including nourishing amino acids, to ignite protein synthesis and reduce recovery time.

As it releases BCAAs, glutamine, electrolytes, citrulline, and vitamin B6 into your bloodstream, the powerful Xtend formula provides the proper support muscles need to effectively repair, recover, and refuel for your next hardcore training session. Keep Reading »
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#2 - BPI Sports Best BCAA

Using the highest-quality branched chain aminos, BPI Sports' Best BCAA improves the model of BCAA by maximizing its potential benefits by incorporating a CLA Matrix Blend and Agmatine Sulfate. This combination of ingredients is able to more efficiently metabolize and enhance the building of lean muscle mass as well as reduce muscle recovery periods for the proper support the body needs to continue effectively synthesizing muscle protein. With the key amino acids needed in its formula to support fast muscle recovery, BEST BCAA helps to produce optimal effects. Keep Reading »

#3 - Gym Vixen Recover

Recovery is crucial for both male and female athletes, but both genders require a unique nutritional approach for maximum recovery. Gym Vixen Supplements' Recover is part of a next generation post-workout supplement tailored specifically for women. It delivers key BCAAs, minerals, extracts, and amino acids to bolster protein synthesis and dramatically reduce recovery time. Every single ingredient in this incredible formula is tailored for female athletes who want to optimize growth and repair. Keep Reading »

#4 - Gluta-Blast

Daily use of ProMera Sports' Gluta-Blast replenishes, refuels, and rebuilds hard-working skeletal muscle. Glutamine is rapidly depleted during exercise, and low glutamine stores is one of the main causes of soreness, slow recovery, weakened immunity, and catabolism. Gluta-Blast elevates glutamine levels rapidly and effectively to minimize muscle damage and accelerate recovery. Keep Reading »

#5 - Cellucor Alpha Amino

The most important nutrients for recovery are BCAAs, and the most critical BCAA for optimized muscle repair is leucine. Cellucor's Alpha Amino delivers all essential BCAAs plus 3 forms of leucine to jumpstart muscle regeneration and support fast recovery from intense exercise. Added coconut water and chia help to maintain balance and restore nutrient levels to refuel your body for ideal growth and recovery. Keep Reading »

#6 - AI Sports RecoverPRO

AI Sports RecoverPRO contains a unique 4:1:1 BCAA ratio for a groundbreaking recovery formula designed to speed up the recovery process of the body after an intense workout. Increasing the synthesis of muscle protein, RecoverPRO can help the healing process of broken down muscle to increase and lengthen endurance for enhanced workout results. With BCAA's within this formula, RecoverPRO can also increase the retention of nitrogen within muscle for faster recovery and gains in lean muscle mass. Keep Reading »

#7 - Evlution Nutrition BCAA Energy

Each scoop of BCAA Energy by Evlution Nutrition delivers an advanced time-release 2:1:1 BCAA Blend straight to muscles to quench your body with the ideal recovery-enhancing nutrients. BCAAs provide critical benefits during both exercise and recovery, which is why BCAA Energy comes with an advanced time-release formula to fuel energy production, strength, recovery, and anti-catabolic support. Keep Reading »

#8 - iSatori Bio-Gro

If you want to do more than just recover, choose iSatori Bio-Gro to repair hard-worked muscles AND accelerate muscle growth to whole new heights. This innovative anabolic complex is formulated with custom engineered Bio-Pro Bio-Active Peptides proven to enhance protein synthesis for faster recovery and insanely impressive muscle growth. Keep Reading »
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#9 - Optimum Nutrition Glutamine Capsules

Each single serving dose of Glutamine Capsules by Optimum Nutrition helps serious athletes like you to restore and replenish glutamine stores for reduced soreness, strengthened immunity, anti-catabolic protection, and efficient recovery. Glutamine Capsules can even help your body secrete HGH, providing even greater benefits for growing and recovering muscles. Keep Reading »

#10 - Universal Nutrition Glutamine Powder

If you prefer an easy-to-take powder over swallowing bulky capsules, Glutamine Powder is the choice for you. Universal Nutrition Glutamine Powder delivers an ultra-pure, super concentrated dose of 5 grams high-quality, highly bioavailable glutamine designed for rapid disintegration and maximum absorption. Take Glutamine Powder daily to prevent illness, increase energy, stimulate growth hormone production, and maximize muscle growth and recovery. Keep Reading »

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