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2018's 10 Best

Which Multivitamins Work The Best?

It’s extremely difficult to get all of your vitamins and minerals from whole foods. Doctors recommend taking a multivitamin to help you fill your nutritional gaps.

But what should you look for when buying a multivitamin? While each product has slightly different ingredients in different amounts, most multivitamins are pretty similar. However, the main difference is absorption. The best products absorb easier and faster.

Our editors analyzed the top name brands. Below you’ll find their top 10 multivitamins.

#1 - Cellusyn Labs Vitapril

Vitapril is a revolutionary multivitamin that not only provides you with essential vitamins and minerals, but also potent antioxidants and super foods to further enhance your health. It's really 3 products in one.

The 575mg antioxidant blend's ingredients help neutralize free radicals and speed up metabolism. The 350mg SuperFoods blend's ingredients provide benefits too numerous to list.

Vitapril is a complete multivitamin that goes above and beyond any other product in the industry. Keep Reading »

#2 - Myogenix Myovite Multivitamin

Myovite is designed to meet the high demands that athletes and bodybuilders place on their bodies. In addition to the basic vitamins and minerals, this multivitamin comes with ingredients that support endurance, joints, digestion and liver function. Starting at just $1.36 a serving, Myovite is a great deal. Keep Reading »

#3 - BPI Sports 24/7 Muscle Vitamin w/ Energy

BPI Sports 24/7 Muscle Vitamin w/ Energy is an all inclusive multivitamin engineered to provide muscle support and a jolt of energy to support an athlete's health and vitality. Turmeric is included in a powerful antioxidant blend, intended to neutralize free radicals to promote overall health. Boost strength, endurance, performance with BPI Sports' 24/7 Muscle Vitamin w/ Energy. Keep Reading »

#4 - Dymatize Super Multi

Dymatize Super Multi is a precise blend of vitamins and minerals designed for the serious athlete. Each tablet is enteric coated to increase absorption and facilitate swallowing.

The formula is very simple. It doesn't contain any "extras" like Vitapril or Myovite, but it's cheap. Each bottle contains 120 tablets and lasts 60 days. And at just $10.95 a bottle, it's a killer deal. Keep Reading »

#5 - Universal Nutrition Animal Pak

Filled with 60 important vitamins and minerals in each serving, Universal Nutrition's Animal Pak hits the health priorities that aid in the push towards great health. Keeping nutrient levels at a high and effective level, this formula aids in the enhancement of performance, overall body-health, and daily recovery with each and every serving. Choose to supplement every program with Animal Pak to build up the body's defenses and boost overall health. Keep Reading »

#6 - TwinLabs Daily One Caps Multivitamin

TwinLabs Daily One Caps is a solid multivitamin and mineral supplement that contains no iron. If your body reacts poorly to iron supplements, this could be your new go-to source for base nutrition and health. These caps also promote healthy eyes and contain extra folic acid for heart health. Keep Reading »

#7 - One-A-Day Energy Multivitamin

Looking for a basic, solid mutlivitamin with a little boost of energy? Look no further. One-A-Day multivitamins, well-known for their strength and efficacy, now has a product geared toward not only providing you with an essential serving of nitamins and nutrients, but also focuses on providing your body with a punch of vitamin B and caffeine. It's a complete multi-vitamin... with just a "little more". Keep Reading »

#8 - Multi-Pro 32X

Multi-Pro 32X is a delightful display of synergistic perfection. This is more than just a multi-vitamin, it's also a multi-mineral elements combined to result in the perfect amount of nutrients needed for the hard training athlete during intense training. Keep Reading »

#9 - Dr. Tobias Multivitamin for Men and Women

Are you just an averge schmoe looking for a great multi-vitamin? No body-builder or hardcore athletes here, Dr. Tobias VITALITY is a multivitamin made just for you. Filled with vitamins and minerals from natural sources like fruits and vegetables, and a good dosing of plant-based enzymes and probiotics for good uptake and general gut health. You won't find a significantly-better multivitamin in this category. Keep Reading »

#10 - Inner Armour Training-Peak

Training Peak’s is a time released multivitamin loaded with all the vitamins and minerals a hard training athlete needs.These powerful vitamin packs are the complete package! If you're looking for enhanced energy, power and recovery then this is the multivitamin for you. Keep Reading »

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