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2018's 10 Best
L-Carnitine Supplements


Have you had a hard time making progress towards your fitness goals? There’s a great chance that the right supplement can help. L-carnitine is a proven supplement that helps you push past your plateaus! If you are looking for that extra edge to boost your life look no further.

What is L-Carnitine?

L-Carnitine is an amino acid. Your body uses Amino Acids for a lot of things. They can act as energy and keep your cells healthy. They can help fight diseases and will help you stay youthful. too You can get l-carnitine by eating meat or by taking a supplement. [1] L-carnitine is also an essential amino acid. This means that your body doesn’t make it naturally, and it is needed to perform. This means you need to get it from another source, whether it be from foods, supplements, or otherwise.

L-carnitine uses fat as a fuel source for your cells. When you exercise, your carnitine levels get depleted which makes you feel more fatigued. Supplementing with carnitine during your workouts will help keep your energy levels at a desired state.

How Does L-Carnitine Work in the Body?

Human Body

L-carnitine helps by transporting fat into your cells. Energy is made when it reaches your cells. When you are working out, your body needs more energy to perform. Without enough carnitine, you can experience a weakening of your muscles. L-carnitine has also been known to “keep blood glucose levels low, even after a carb-rich meal”. [2] This allows your body to hold more nutrients and recover faster.

Functions such as being able to burn fat, use energy, and have healthy muscles are needed to be healthy. L-carnitine plays a central role in contributing to your body in a positive way.

Burning fat will play a large role in boosting your mood. Having less fat will boost your self esteem and make you feel great. L-carnitine is the first step towards having the body you have always wanted.

What Happens to my Body if I Don’t have enough L-Carnitine?

An insufficient amount of L-Carnitine in the body can lead to many different problems. Some of these include:

  • Muscle Necrosis (atrophy)
  • Hypoglycemia (Low Blood Sugar)
  • Fatigue
  • Confusion
  • Cardiomyopathy (Heart Diseases)
  • Fatty Liver

These issues affect the muscles, the heart, energy levels, and morale. Over time, having low carnitine can wear your body down until you get sick. Rather than waiting for the problem to arise, it is always best to prevent the symptoms in the first place. [3] Avoiding these problems can help you stay positive and healthy. Nothing is more distracting and disappointing than sickness. With l-carnitne, you can combat these problems by keeping a healthy level in your system.

What types of Carnitine are there?

L-Carnitine is among the most well known. Acetyl-L-Carnitine, or ALCAR, is another form of this amino acid. ALCAR has been known to help those with Alzheimer’s disease. Memory and attention span improvement are ways in which this nutrient can help. ALCAR is also a natural super-antioxidant that helps to deliver energy to the brain.

ALCAR supplements can help maintain desired amino acid levels . Amino acids are the building blocks that help your body recover. Keeping a steady level of amino acids is necessary if you want to achieve fitness goals. ALCAR will allow you to stay balanced and healthy.

Carnitine tartrate is another form of carnitine. This source of Carnitine also plays an important role in producing energy for your body. Inside your cells, the products of energy can result in some unwanted compounds. Carnitine helps transport those toxins out of the cell.[4]

Many have concluded that regular l-carnitine is the best and most reliable form. Most of the research surrounding carnitine has been for l-carnitine. For this reason, it’s recommended that you take it over other forms. Although, those other forms can give benefits.

How Can L-Carnitine Help My Exercise Performance


A 2011 study reported that supplementing with carnitine led to “55% less muscle glycogen usage, 44% lower muscle lactate, and other changes”. [4] These changes resulted in improved exercise performance. Less glycogen usage can result in longer endurance and overall physical performance. When you work out, your body gets energy from different storages. Glycogen is one of the first resources your body uses for quick energy. L-carnitine will make your body use less energy. Boost up the efficiency! This means that you can work just as hard but use less energy by supplementing with L-Carnitine.

Hitting plateaus can be frustrating when you are trying to get fit. A good supplement sometimes is all you need. Having energy will make working out easier. Oftentimes, plateaus can arise due to a lack of energy or motivation. Carnitine supplementation can help you push throuough fatigue. This allows you to make a proper push and continue on your journey to the healthy body you want. Who doesn’t want extra energy?

L-Carnitine and Heart Benefits

The heart is a muscle that needs energy and fuel to work. Carnitine is important for your heart because carnitine is important for energy. It’s typical for those who have heart issues to also have reduced carnitine levels.

Improved blood flow helps support healthy heart function and the proper transport of nutrients throughout the body. Your brain needs blood. So a healthy heart is good if you want to maintain your health. [5]

Heart failure is also a common health complication that can pose a risk to your well being. This happens when your heart loses its ability to pump blood to the places your body needs. Plaque can block your arteries and prevent proper circulation. Because the heart is a muscle, it is also has the potential to become fatigued. L-carnitine has been a standard preventative treatment in many medical studies. A study from Oregon State University reported that heart failure patients supplementing with l-carnitine had higher survival rates than those that didn’t. [6]

And in Italy, another study showed that l-carnitine supplements helped reduce levels of the inflammatory marker, C-reactive protein. This showed the potential to reduce cardiovascular risk in those with kidney problems. [7]

Heart disease is the single-largest cause of death in America. Issues with your body arise naturally. It’s always best to prevent those problems, if you can, before they start to affect you. Studies have shown how l-carnitine can help those who have heart issues. [8]

With so many different medications in the world today, it is easy to forget the basics. L-carnitine is a natural way you can help your body prevent heart issues. Keep in mind, l-carnitine will not fix your heart problems. However, the studies show that you will be better off taking l-carnitine.

L-Carnitine for Anti-Aging?


One of the main reasons we age is because the mitochondria in our cells start to break down. Carnitine can also help to increase mitochondrial lifetime. Some research suggests that Carnitine may have some anti-aging properties. [9] One study reported that rats dosed with acetyl-l-carnitine showed reduced mitochondrial decay. They also showed an improvement in memory-related tasks. [9]

If you are looking for a natural, safe, anti-aging supplement, this could be the supplement for you! Many anti-aging products can be unsafe, or ineffective. L-Carnitine directly helps your cells’ longevity, which will make your body last longer!

Your cellular age is one of the most important factors in age. Having healthy young cells is the key to longevity. The mitochondria is the most important part of the cell. L-carnitine supports the mitochondria which boosts cell health which will keep them young.

What Foods can I eat to get L-Carnitine?

Red Meat provides the most natural source of L-carnitine from foods. Beef provides 80mg in just 3 ounces. Dairy, poultry, and fish also contain carnitine. Milk has about 8mg per cup, chicken 1mg per ounce, and cod containing 1.67mg per ounce. If you do not consume meat, supplementing L-Carnitine is great to stay balanced. It is especially important for non-meat eaters to get carnitine in some form. It’s possible to get carnitine from sources other than meat. It can be difficult though because there isn’t as much in those sources. This is why it is especially important to supplement with carnitine if you don’t eat meat. Reduced levels of carnitine in the body lead to a whole host of issues. So supplement, if necessary.

What Are the Other Ways L-Carnitine is Good for my Body?

Carnitine supplementation can help memory problems among the elderly . Those who have used alcohol throughout their lives are more prone to suffer from memory loss and other mental issues. Carnitine supplementation can help improve your memory. If you have a loss of memory from alcohol, carnitine can help.

Men suffering from low testosterone can benefit from taking acetyl-l-carnitine combined with propionyl-l-carnitine. Sexual dysfunction, depression, and fatigue can all be helped with supplementation.

For athletes, you can be less sore after workouts. Post workout recovery in general can be boosted. Even an increase in nitric oxide production. [10] This means that L-carnitine can help you build muscle and increase strength. While you workout, L-carnitine gets rid of waste while you workout. This means that you can do more because you have less fatigue during your workout. This will also help how you feel after a workout.

Recent studies have shown that it is typical for those with kidney disease to also have an absence of carnitine in their body. Many kidney-related complications, such as heart disease, weakness, and fatigue, have been linked to this as well. One scientist discovered that taking an l-carnitine supplement improved the health of those suffering from the effects of certain kidney issues. [11]

You can’t put a price on a happiness and self-esteem. Whether you struggle with weight, or haven’t achieved the physical goals you want, l-carnitine can help. Many people struggle to find the right supplements that can help them make progress. Study after studies have shown that l-carnitne has a lot of benefits. All these benefits will make you feel and look great, and that is priceless.

L-Carnitine Side Effects

L-carnitine doesn’t have serious side effects. The mildest symptoms may include an upset stomach and vomiting. There have been virtually no reports of those who have suffered worse than that. Carnitine is in everyday foods which is why it is safe. There have not been any studies with regard to women who are pregnant. So as always, if you have any serious questions or concerns, speak to your doctor for advice.

L-Carnitine Dosage

For supplements, a 1 gram serving is typical. For those who have been diagnosed as l-carnitine deficient, one-gram servings, two to three times a day, is a typical recommendation. For chest pain and heart failure, one gram twice a day is a typical recommendation. For those who have just suffered a heart attack, two to six grams of l-carnitine every day is typical. [12] These numbers are just general ranges. As always, we recommend you consult your doctor before taking l-carnitine for a specific health benefit.

L-carnitine comes in liquid, tablet, and powder form. The results of supplementation for this amino acid, however, are all the same.

Because there are different forms of Carnitne, do your research beforehand. Reading the label and nutrition facts are the best ways to be sure you know what you are getting.

Your Health Matters.


There are many replaceable things in life. Unfortunately, your body is not one of them. Yet. 🙂 The importance of keeping your body healthy is very important. Your heart, your muscles, and your energy are all crucial parts of having a healthy, happy life. L-carnitine can be the first step for you on the journey to a body you have always strived for!

#1 - L-Carnitine Tartrate

The Standout: Pure Formula, Low Cost

Nutricost's L-Carnitine Tartrate is pure L-Carnitine, delivering 1 gram per serving. With 100 servings per bottle, each serving equates to a mere 11 cents, making it one of the best priced L-Carnitine Tartrate supplements on the market. The convienent, unflavored powder form makes it great for stacking, so you can customize your own health regimen.

  • 1 Gram L-Carnitine Tartrate
  • 100 Servings Per Bottle
  • 11 Cents Per Serving
  • Boost Fat Oxidation
  • Enhance Exercise Performance

L-Carnitine Tartrate is an amino acid that can be obtained through dietary measures, and is also synthesized by the amino acids Lysine and L-methionine. However, it is still possible to be deficient, especially for those who are vegetarians, vegans, or elderly.

L-Carnitine Tartrate is able to bind to long-chain fatty acids and transports them into the mitochondria for the purpose of fat oxidation and energy expenditure. Carnitine supplementation can also reduce the degredation of mitochondria in muscle after exercise, along with the natural mitochondrial decline seen with aging.

Nutricost's L-Carnitine Tartrate can help reinforce healthy mitochondial function, allowing for optimal fat burning, athletic performance and energy. Reviews on Amazon highlight how easy it is to mix L-Carnitine Tartrate into your favorite beverage and reap the benefits.

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#2 - Optimum Nutrition L-Carnitine

The Standout: Highly Bio-Available Formula

Optimum Nutrition's L-Carnitine 500 Tabs combines 500 mg of pure free-form, pharmaceutical grade L-Carnitine with an efficacious dose of Calcium and Phosphorus. Calcium and Phosphorus both help improve absorption and support proper electrolyte balance. Whether your choose to use L-Carnitine for heart health, endurance, or weight loss support, Optimum Nutrition provides superior quality.

  • 500 Mg L-Carnitine
  • 95 Mg Calcium
  • 60 Servings Per Bottle
  • Added Calcium & Phosphorous
  • High-Quality

Carnitine is an amino acid that aids in the conversion of fatty acids into ATP, which provides energy. Supplementing with additional Carnitine has been suggested to restore Carnitine levels that are depleted during exercise, allowing for better recovery, enhanced energy levels, and optimal fat burning potential.

Optimum Nutrition's L-Carnitine includes Calcium, since L-Carnitine reduces the levels of free Calcium by in circulation, due to bonding to it during the process of entering the mitochondria. Excess Calcium also increases the amount of L-Carnitine that is able to pass through the Mitochondrial wall, effectively enhancing bio-availability.

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#3 - BSN Carnitine DNA

The Standout: High Quality

BSN's Carnitine DNA provides a scientifically supported dose of pure L-Carnitine to increase the ability to burn fat while enhancing muscle growth capacity. Carnitine DNA contains no fillers or proprietary blends, just 500 grams of pure Carnitine in a 1-tablet dose that is the perfect addition to any stack to maximize natural fat loss and energy levels.

  • 500 Mg L-Carnitine
  • 60 Servings Per Bottle
  • Boost Fat Loss
  • Enhance Energy Levels

During exercise, fat is shuttled to cells in the form of fatty acids, where mitochondria break it down into energy. However, fat is unable to pass through the mitochondrial cell wall without Carnitine. Therefor it is vital to have adequate levels of Carnitine in circulation to optimize fat burning to promote weight loss and higher energy levels.

BSN Carnitine DNA ensures fat burning at a maximum rate and increase in energy levels. The tablet dosage makes it convenient to take on the go, making it the perfect addition to any regimen.

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#4 - Acetyl L-Carnitine Powder

Nutricost has another high-quality, affordable L-Carnitine supplement, this time in the form of Acetyl L-Carnitine, with 1 gram in each scoop. Acetylation refers to the process of introducing an acetyl group into a compound, in this case L-Carnitine, which is broken down into the coenzyme acetyl-CoA and Carnitine.

Acetyl-CoA is the primary substrate for the Krebs cycle (which produces ATP for energy), and once the Acetyl group is removed, it must be replaced with another acetyl-group in order for the Krebs cycle to keep working. Nutricost's Acetyl L-Carnitine ensures high quality Acetyl L-Carnitine to keep energy production at optimal levels.

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#5 - GAT Essentials Liquid L-Carnitine

GAT's Essentials Liquid L-Carnitine provides a generous 1500 mg dosage, in liquid free form. Perfect to add to your favorite pre or post workout beverage, in order to replenish L-Carnitine levels to adequate levels. L-Carnitine promotes healthy mitochondria function, the organelle responsible for regulating ATP production for energy.

By promoting optimal energy production, GAT's L-Carnitine can help boost stamina, performance, and fat burning.

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#6 - MuscleTech Platinum 100% Carnitine

With 500 Mg of the most studied form of L-Carnitine, Platinum 100% Carnitine supports weight loss, muscle recovery, and fitness performance without the use of stimulants. Platinum 100% Carnitine works rapidly to aid in the metabolism of food into energy, speed muscle recovery, and increase testosterone receptor concentration. Keep Reading »

#7 - Universal Nutrition Carnitine Capsules

Designed to be a metabolizer of fat that is also free of stimulants, Universal Nutrition has come up with a potent supplement they call Carnitine Capsules. Providing the industry standard of 500mg of the purest and highest-quality L-Carnitine available, each serving has the potential to improve overall athletic performance and enhance cardiovascular health. Keep Reading »

#8 - GAT Essentials L-Carnitine

GAT also has a high-quality capsule form of their popular L-Carnitine supplement, which delivers 500 mg in each serving. L-Carnitine Tartrate has been shown to increase androgen receptor sensitivity and availability, ultimately aiding in up-regulation of testosterone at androgen receptor sites. This up-regulation of Testosterone promotes muscle building and boosted performance.

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#9 - Lipo-6 Carnitine

This powerful fat eliminating formula suppresses your appetite and transports fatty acids to the energy-producing powerhouse of cells to aid you in successful weight loss. Nutrex Lipo-6 Carnitine comes in 60 liquid capsules that absorb rapidly, allowing more Carnitine to enter your system to enhance exercise performance and lengthen endurance. Keep Reading »
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#10 - ProSupps L-Carnitine 1500

Want 100% pharmaceutical grade L-Carnitine in an incredible 1,500mg dose? Choose ProSupps Liquid L-Carnitine 1500, a delicious source of highly bioavailable Carnitine in a convenient single serving bottle. Sip on a tasty L-Carnitine 1500 beverage to promote exercise recovery, energy, fat metabolism, heart health, and mental clarity. Keep Reading »

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