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2018's 10 Best
Keto Supplements

Advance Your Low Carb Diet With Exogenous Ketones

The low-carb/high-fat diet, also known as the ketogenic diet, helps individuals boost energy, support weight loss, and control blood sugar levels. By limiting carbohydrate intake, the body converts to utilizing ketones as fuel instead of glucose.

While this can be achieved through dietary measures alone, consuming Beta-hydroxybutyrate can help deepen the levels of ketosis for even more benefits, since Beta-hydroxybutyrate is the first substrate that triggers the metabolic state of ketosis. Designed to help maximize ketone serum levels, Keto supplements can help you to manage your weight, improve your brain function, shred excess fat from your body, as well as stabilize consistent energy output.

Exogenous Keto supplements may just be the missing puzzle to push your training to the next level, to reach a higher weight loss goal, or maximize mental acuity. We’ve made it easier for you to choose the best Exogenous Ketone product by listing the top 10 most popular and highly rated Keto supplements available.

#1 - Ketone Salts (4-in-1)

The Standout: High Quality at Industry Low Cost

Nutricost's Ketone Salts (4-in-1) earned its top spot on our list due to its incredible price and value. Ketone Salts (4-in-1) is formulated with Beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB), an important source of ketones, along with a balanced ratio of Calcium, Magnesium, Sodium, and Potassium, designed to deliver vital electrolytes.

Key Points:

  • 16 grams per serving
  • Half the cost of the industry standard
  • 4-1 Formula
  • 30 servings per bottle
  • Exogenous Ketone
  • Supports electrolyte balance

Ketone Salts (4-in-1) are designed to provide a multitude of touted benefits such as athletic performance enhancement, efficient weight loss, optimized cognitive function, and anti-inflammatory properties.

With 16 grams per serving, Ketone Salts (4-in-1) is the perfect addition to your low carb lifestyle at half the price per gram compared to other leading exogenous ketone supplements, and a 100% Money Back Guarantee.

For more reviews head to Amazon, where Nutricost's Ketone Salts have climbed their way to the top as the leading Ketone supplements. See other 5-star reviews from satisfied customers! Keep Reading »
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#2 - Perfect Keto Base

The Standout: A Quick and Efficient Dive Into Ketosis

Perfect Keto's Base is another Exogenous Ketone supplement that makes the #2 spot on our list. Made with high-quality beta hydroxybutyrate, each serving helps burn fat, boost energy, and enhance ketosis, and contains ZERO carbs, ZERO caffeine, and ZERO sugars.

Key Points:

  • Slip Effortlessly Into Ketosis
  • No Additives
  • Exogenous Ketones
  • 15 Servings
  • 14 Grams Per Serving

This is perfect for any athlete on the go with a price that warrants and guarantees legitimate gains while your body quickly and effectively burns through fat. This all guaranteed without the typical crash of any other fat burning diet. This product mixes easily with water, coconut milk, coffee and shakes, and comes in several creamy, delicious flavors.

The perfect addition to any low-carb lifestyle, or athlete looking to maximize performance, endurance and focus. Keep Reading »

#3 - Zhou Nutrition Keto-Drive

The Standout: Clean, convenient, and refreshing.

Zhou Nutrition's Keto-Drive makes #3 due to their Patented Beta-Hydroxybutyrate formula that also includes Vitamin A and C, Calcium, Sodium, and Magnesium. This ensures that you can hit that perfect level of ketosis to burn fat, but maintain all necessary endurance and brain power.

Key Points:

  • Accelerate Performance at Peak Ketosis
  • Less than 2% additives
  • 3-1 Ketone Complex
  • 16 Servings Per Container
  • 14.7 Grams Per Serving

This refreshing tropical blend is designed to help support increased blood ketone levels, athletic endurance, mental performance, sustained energy, and fat burning. With no carbs, caffeine, or sugar, you can meet your keto needs guilt free.

Each serving can be conveniently added to your shakes, or brought to the gym with ease. Mixes well and tastes great with just water thanks to the delicious fruity flavor that masks the strong Ketone taste that usually marks other salts. Keep Reading »

#4 - Pruvit Keto//OS

Looking for an even more convenient way to get those exogenous ketones into your meal plan? Pruvit Keto//Os is an exogenous ketone formula specifically designed in individual packets that can be added to your favorite beverages on-the-go. It delivers advanced macro nutritionals such as crucial vitamins and minerals, to not only help boost energy and optimizes cellular function, but also enhance energy production and overall mood. This all in one blend also contains caffeine for an added boost, and comes in two mouth-watering flavors.

Keep Reading »

#5 - Levelup Keto Boost

LevelUp's Keto Boost is another list maker, chalked full of high quality Beta-Bydroxybutyrate intended to boost ketone levels or conserve muscle glycogen, depending on your goals. Keto Boost is both stimulant-free and carbohydrate-free, and provides instant energy and rapid fuel for the brain. Curb cravings on the spot and enhance weight loss to help you look and feel your best.

Keep Reading »

#6 - Julian Bakery Instaketones

If you're looking to deepen your level of ketosis even further, Julian Bakery's InstaKetones is the perfect fit. A company already familiar with ketogenic products, their InstaKetones is another low carb favorite. With 11.7g Beta-hydroxybutyrate Per Scoop, you can be guaranteed to boost those blood serum ketone levels. Perfect for those who had a few hidden carbs sneak up on them, or for individuals that do a cyclical ketogenic diet. Getting into ketosis is now faster than ever!

Keep Reading »

#7 - Kegenix Prime

Kegenix Prime is an exclusive and patented blend of Real Ketones, designed by health experts and the doctors from the University of South Florida. This formula consists of natural thermogenesis-boosting ingredients, such as Calcium, Magnesium, Green Tea Extract, and Taurine, which maximizes your ability to produce ketones and burn fat in just 60 minutes, and enjoy 225% more energy than carbs. Weight loss has never been this simple, thanks to this elite exogenous ketone supplement.

Keep Reading »

#8 - Nutriketo Ketone Shake

NutriKeto's Ketone Shake is the perfect low carb meal replacement, and contains the ideal 80/15/5 Ketogenic Macro Nutrient Ratio with 19g Fat, 8g Protein, and 3g Carbs. It is also the perfect Pre or Post Workout Recovery formula, available in 2 flavors, Gourmet Cake Batter and Creamy Dutch Chocolate, that will stave off hunger for hours and leave you feeling satiated.

Keep Reading »

#9 - Kiss My Keto Exogenous Ketones

Kiss My Keto's Exogenous Ketones is another hassle-free NO sugar, NO carbs, NO Caffeine exogenous supplement, that delivers 12 grams of pure exogenous ketones per serving. Exogenous Ketones is also blended with sodium and calcium for easy absorption and crucial electrolyte balance. Don't let that cheat meal leave you feeling guilt ridden, when you can raise your blood ketone levels and get into ketosis almost instantly.

Keep Reading »

#10 - Ketosports Ketocana

KetoSports' KetoCaNa is a no-nonsense exogenous supplement that contains 11.7 grams of Beta-Hydroxybutyrate (BHB) per serving, along with no artificial sweeteners, flavorings or colors. KetoCaNa is targeted for ketogenic dieters who need energy but must limit carbohydrate intake, or for those who consume carbohydrates to provide an additional energy source and limit exercise induced glycogen depletion. Whatever your goals, KetoCaNa delivers optimal results.

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