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2018's 10 Best
GABA Supplements

Find The Most Effective GABA Supplements For You!

Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid (GABA) supplements have been a product of interest in the supplement industry due to its potential to provide positive benefits for both the brain and the body. With the ability that GABA has to calm and mildly sedate the brain, many have found it useful for reducing anxiety and relieve stress while athletes have found its potential for building lean muscle and shedding fat.

To make your search for the most effective GABA supplement easier, we have carefully selected supplements based off of customer ratings, popularity, and quality ingredients. This list of the top 10 best GABA supplements may be just what you have been looking for and every single product is backed by a 100% Money Back Guarantee.

#1 - GABA

Pure. Straight forward. Long lasting. Reliable quality. That’s what you get with Nutricost GABA. Each highly bioavailable serving offers 500mg of premium GABA unhindered by any fillers or added ingredients. And the best part of Nutricost GABA? Each bottle comes with an unbelievable 1000 servings – all at a price anyone can afford! Support better sleep, faster recovery, improved mood, and anxiety relief all for just around 1 cent per serving. Keep Reading »
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#2 - Universal Animal PM

Animal PM is targeted towards extremely active adults who need help recovering from intense exercise. Containing sleep-promoting ingredients, Animal PM is a great GABA supplement that can help improve sleep, enhance recovery, and reduce muscle soreness. As part of the GH Boosting Complex, the contribution of GABA within Animal PM can help promote optimum recovery and performance. Keep Reading »

#3 - Nutrakey GABA

Help fight stress, support a stable mood, encourage restful sleep, and increase growth hormone levels with leading quality NutraKey GABA. As a 100% natural source of GABA, NutraKey delivers all the benefits in a quick-dissolving powder that can be added to any of your favorite beverages. Most impressive of all, each serving of NutraKey GABA contains 3,000mg (3 grams) for a powerful source of ultra-concentrated GABA. At only 12 cents per gram, NutraKey offers an unbeatable combination of quality and affordability. Keep Reading »

#4 - Source Naturals GABA

For natural GABA delivery straight from the source, consider Source Naturals GABA. These hypoallergenic capsules are convenient, easy-to-swallow, and deliver 750mg of all-natural GABA in every serving. Take anytime of day to support better mood, recovery, relief from anxiety, and growth hormone. For just 12 cents per gram, Source Naturals GABA can help you maximize the benefits of this incredible neurotransmitter for a naturally calming effect. Keep Reading »


To experience the full calming effects of GABA, you need to read labels carefully to make sure it’s delivered in the right form. NOW GABA provides only the naturally occurring L-form of GABA as it is found in food and in the body. This is the highest quality form of GABA available and ensures that it can function properly as a calming agent and inhibitory neurotransmitter. NOW GABA delivers 750mg servings of this natural calming agent in vegetarian capsules that fit neatly into any lifestyle. Keep Reading »

#6 - Douglas Labs GABA

Douglas Laboratories is renowned for their quality products. They deliver exactly the ingredients they promise without any fillers, additives, or binders. Douglas Labs GABA is no exception, offering 500 mg of GABA in every fast-dissolving capsule – nothing more, nothing less. Douglas Labs GABA is ideal for those who want to experience all the benefits of GABA without much effort or thought. Simply take one to four capsules daily or as needed to support relaxation, sleep, mood, and recovery. Keep Reading »

#7 - Amazing Nutrition Gaba

As an ultra-pure and highly bioavailable form of GABA, Amazing Nutrition GABA has consistently produced a long line of satisfied customers who love the results they experience from this incredible product. Amazing Nutrition GABA packs a powerful punch, offering 750 mg of GABA in every convenient serving. Amazing Nutrition GABA can be taken anytime, anywhere to support growth hormone, mood, sleep quality, and relaxation. Amazing Nutrition GABA comes in at just around .09 cents per serving. Keep Reading »

#8 - BulkSupplements Pure GABA

BulkSupplements Pure GABA is geared towards attenuating and maximizing the growth-hormone enhancing benefits of GABA, offering an incredibly potent 3 grams of GABA in every serving. When taken daily 30 minutes before sleep, BulkSupplements Pure GABA may naturally help support a significant increase in HGH production – which may lead to enhance recovery, increased lean muscle mass, and greater strength. At around 15 cents per gram, BulkSupplements Pure GABA delivers comprehensive GABA support for athletes needing faster, more efficient recovery and lean muscle growth. Keep Reading »

#9 - Natural Factors - Stress-Relax Pharma GABA

Whether you’re overwhelmed at work or stressing over life’s challenges, Natural Factors GABA can help. Natural Factors GABA, a source of 100% naturally-derived PharmaGABA, has been suggested to promote relaxation, mental clarity, and the capacity to cope with life stressors. Bring calm and clarity to your day with this all-natural extract. Natural Factors GABA delivers this incredible amino acid and neurotransmitter in small vegetarian softgels . Keep Reading »

#10 - Pure Encapsulations - GABA

Pure Encapsulations GABA product is one of a line of research-based, hypoallergenic dietary supplements. These products are formulated with pure ingredients to deliver predictable results, perfect for even the most sensitive patients. Keep Reading »

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