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2018's 10 Best

Do you want to increase your athletic performance as well as your overall health? If so, a 5-HTP supplement may be for you. You have undoubtedly heard of many supplements that tout amazing effects when taken in specific quantities. A number of scientific studies have been conducted on numerous enzymes and amino acids. Trying to understand all of this information can be difficult, even for those in the field. Luckily for you, this guide contains the information you need about the best 5-HTP supplements.

What is 5-HTP?

This natural amino acid goes by many names. Some refer to is as oxitriptan. Others prefer its more scientific name, 5-Hydroxytryptophan. You will mostly see it shortened to 5-HTP. The amino acid is created by your body when you eat foods that contain tryptophan. Foods like egg whites, soybeans, oats, milk, quinoa, and certain meats and cheeses all contain tryptophan in varying doses. When you eat these foods, your body breaks down the tryptophan to create 5-HTP.

What are the Basic Benefits of 5-HTP?

There are multiple reasons to try 5-HTP as a supplement to a healthy regimen. This amino acid has been studied by scientists around the globe. The findings have been repeatedly positive in a number of areas.


One of the benefits most commonly associated with 5-HTP is appetite suppression. Studies have shown that 5-HTP increases the nervous system’s ability to produce serotonin levels. Serotonin slows hunger pangs. It helps you to feel full faster and less hungry more often. 5-HTP may even be used to treat obesity.


Serotonin is widely known as a mood stabilizing compound. Though it occurs naturally in the body, adding the best 5-HTP supplements allows more serotonin to enter the blood stream. This has been shown to be effective as an antidepressant. It can also be the ideal choice for relieving stress and anxiety.


5-HTP is also useful in helping to ease insomnia. Those who suffer from restless nights may find themselves suddenly sleeping more easily, deeply, and soundly when they start taking 5-HTP. Again, this is the body’s natural response to increased serotonin levels. A body that is able to gain more sleep is both mentally and physically healthier.


Scientists are not entirely sure what causes migraines. But some think that low serotonin levels may be the cause. One study involved supplementing with 5-HTP for six months. The results showed a prevention or significant reduction of migraines in 71% of the participants. Another study showed a 70% reduction in the frequency of headaches when supplementing with 5-HTP.


Like migraines, scientists have not determined the cause of fibromyalgia. And like migraines, low serotonin levels are associated with the condition. More research is needed to make definitive conclusions on whether 5-HTP can help. But the early research is promising. Studies have shown a reduction of symptoms in sufferers who supplement with 5-HTP. These symptoms include muscle pain, sleep issues, anxiety and fatigue.


5-HTP is used by athletes all over the world to help with athletic performance. Research has shown that 5-HTP can aid with constipation, sports anxiety, and overall energy. Athletes know that a healthy gut, a good night’s sleep, and a clear mind are vital to performance. The best 5-HTP supplements help with all these issues.

5-HTP Possible Side Effects

Possible side effects of 5-HTP may include gastrointestinal issues. Examples are stomach pain, diarrhea, and vomiting. Other minor side effects may include drowsiness and muscle issues. It is important to not take extremely large amounts of 5-HTP, as this may cause more serious side effects. Doses ranging between 6 and 10 grams per day have been associated with muscle spasms and more severe stomach issues.

What to Look for When Buying 5-HTP

The benefits of this natural supplement should not be overlooked by anyone who is serious about athletic performance and overall health. You may be asking yourself, now what? How do you know which are the best 5-HTP supplements and which should be avoided?


The best 5-HTP supplements are not necessarily the least or most expensive. And you should not just look at a price tag. After all, there is no price that you can on excellent health. Instead, make sure you are focused on high quality.


5-HTP supplements that are manufactured overseas may not have the strict guidelines offered by those manufactured in the United States. When in doubt, purchase domestic products. Another option is to do some of your own research on the manufacturer. You may find the perfect product is not from a domestic source but from a company that has a good reputation for offering excellent products.

If you buy 5-HTP supplements from unknown sources, you may be getting a diluted product. Worse, you may be taking a supplement with dangerous fillers or no 5-HTP at all.


What ingredients are in the 5-HTP supplement you have chosen? That will depend largely on how the supplement is marketed. Those supplements that focus on athletic performance may contain a multivitamin. You may see additional vitamins and minerals like vitamin C, folate, B12, or iron. Are you already taking a multivitamin with some of these ingredients? You may want to change your routine or choose a different supplement, if these are also showing up here.

Vegetarians should take special care to look at the ingredients in their 5-HTP supplement. Generally, any vitamins, minerals, or extracts are from non-animal sources. However, the pill itself may not be. Look for capsules that are made from vegetarian sources rather than gelatin.

Fillers can be a big no-no. Magnesium stearate may cause some people to become achy or develop cramps. Certain flours, like rice or corn flour, are common in supplements. This is because they aid the drug in reaching the bloodstream. However, if you are one of them any people with a corn allergy, you may find the supplement does more harm than good. Many people have adverse reactions to artificial colors. Unfortunately, there are 5-HTP supplements that use these ingredients. If you are one of those individuals who cannot stomach artificial ingredients, it is best to steer clear.

The 5-HTP itself should be in question as well. A supplement with a dosage that is too small will not give you the benefits you need. A supplement with a dosage that is too high may cause you to experience adverse side effects. About 200 mg of 5-HTP is the right dosage for adults who want to improve athletic performance. Those taking 5-HTP for stress or insomnia can get by with as little as 100 to 150 mg per day. However, the entire dosage is rarely taken at once. Most 5-HTP supplements have about 50 mg per dosage. These supplements are taken throughout the day for the best results.


Far too many consumers rely on random details to inform their decisions. While this might be fine with clothing or video games, it is not a good idea when deciding what to put inside your body. Do not rely on word-of-mouth. What may have worked well or poorly for one person, may not have the same results for you. That person may have used the supplement incorrectly. He or she might have combined the supplement with other pills or even alcohol.

Make sure that whatever website you use cites reputable sources. Niche magazines, blogs, and even Wikipedia are sites that can be useful. But they should be heavily relied upon. Look for information form sites that use scientific studies that are backed by universities. Reputable research institutes are also excellent sources. Places like the Mayo Clinic provide sound information. Government sources, like the FDA or the US National Library of Medicine, can be trusted as well. You can even look to sites like WebMD for solid information that is not meant to sway you in any particular direction.


You should always check with your physician before making any health decisions. He or she can help you to decide which dosage is best for the results you desire.

Best 5-HTP Supplements

Our top 10 list of 5-HTP supplements is organized to reflect what you most value in your supplements. First and foremost is quality. All of our top ten supplements meet high standards of quality and come from brands with a proven record in excellence and purity. Another important factor in deciding the top ten was cost. You don’t have to pay through the nose to get a high-quality 5-HTP supplement. In addition, all the companies represented on our list have stellar records with customer service and prompt shipping. This ensures that your supplement experience is enjoyable from the first click to your final dose.


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#1 - 5-HTP

The Standout: Quality and Quantity

100mg of 5-HTP per day is suggested to improve cognition, mental health, and sleep patterns. That’s why Nutricost 5-HTP delivers super concentrated 100mg 5-HTP capsules from natural plant extracts – not inferior fermented tryptophan. The many benefits include:

  • 240 Capsules
  • Non-GMO
  • Gluten Free
  • 100 mg per capsule

Each bottle contains an incredible 240 capsules of high-quality 5-HTP at an extremely affordable price of only 8 cents per serving! It’s not wonder Nutricost is the leading provider of quality, fast-absorbing, all-natural 5-HTP.

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#2 - Invigorate HGH

The Standout: Versatile

Enjoy a happier and healthier life with SNC Invigorate HGH, an all-natural HGH formula that helps energize your body and make you feel young again. Invigorate combines mucuna pruriens, tribulus terrestris, ALA, and more with the power of 5-HTP to significantly increase growth hormone output, reversing the clock.

  • Increase energy levels
  • enhance muscle mass
  • improved sex life
  • Made in the USA

Each $1.33 serving takes you one step closer to feeling young again – including more energy, higher libido, better mood, and enhanced vitality! Take advantage of this versatile supplement today!

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#3 - Natrol 5-HTP

The Standout: Potent

Having trouble sleeping? With Natrol 5-HTP Time-Release capsules, the all-natural sleep aid containing 200mg of this plant-derived amino acid. The many benefits you can receive this supplement entail:

  • relaxation
  • better sleep rhythms
  • consistent appetite
  • 100% DRUG FREE - all natural

It's a safe, effective way to help your body recover from a stressful day and is non-habit forming. At $0.39 per serving we couldn't help but put this impressive product near the top of our list.

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#4 - MusclePharm Shred Matrix

Designed with you in mind, Shred Matrix is a powerful weight loss supplement that will get your body from amazing to fantastic by taking your energy levels through the roof so you can cut away at the fat and drop those pounds as you endure through those hardcore exercises! You'll notice a change in your focus and drive that you've never had before!

Shred Matrix may not be as amazing as some of the other products on this list, it's 8 stage formula is definitly worth checking out.

  • Niacin
  • Biotin
  • Pantothenic Acid
  • Magnesium
  • Zinc
  • Chromium
  • Guarana Seed Extract

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#5 - MRM 5-HTP

Support weight management, enhanced mood, better sleep, and improved focus with MRM 5-HTP. MRM 5-HTP delivers an effective 100mg of 5-HTP from natural plant seed (Giffonia implicifolia) and has been determined free of “Peak X” and other contaminants. MRM 5-HTP delivers pure, concentrated, fast-absorbing 5-HTP to regulate appetite and sleep cycles – all at just 50 cents per serving. MRM 5-HTP makes it easy and affordable. Keep Reading »

#6 - Doctor's Best 5-HTP Enhanced

Sick of staring at the ceiling wishing you could fall asleep? Doctor's Best 5-HTP might just be the solution to your problems. This product boasts about how quickly it works to help you fall asleep are well known. Quit wasting valuable moments that could be spent in deep slumber now! Enhanced with Vitamins B6 and C, and at only $0.12 per serving, you can't go wrong. Keep Reading »

#7 - FitMiss Z-Slim PM

2018's 10 Best 5-HTP SUPPLEMENTS SEE #1 5-HTP SUPPLEMENT Related Pages: Learn More About 5-HTP Supplements 10 Best Natural Keep Reading »

#8 - MHP Dopamite

Gain control of your cravings by adding MHP Dopamite to your arsenal. This dopaminergic fat burning catalyst reduces appetite, controls cravings, elevates mood and energy, and supports dramatic weight loss. It increases dopamine and serotonin levels with mucuna pruriens and 5-HTP in an all-natural formula that will leave you feeling better than ever. Best of all, Dopamite is extremely affordable at just 43 cents per serving . You’ll love the results! Keep Reading »

#9 - PrimaForce 5-HTP

PrimaForce 5-HTP delivers a total of 12,000mg premium 5-HTP in a formula that is HPLC tested for potency and purity. PrimaForce 5-HTP is manufactured in the USA in a GMP certified facility for quality that can’t be beat. With 120 capsules per bottle at 27 cents per capsule, PrimaForce 5-HTP is an excellent option for unbeatable quality and affordability. Keep Reading »

#10 - NOW Foods Double-Strength 5-HTP

Sleep well with NOW Foods Double-Strength 5-HTP capsules, the all-natural sleep aid formulated with 7 effective ingredients that regulate your internal clock and promote a good nights sleep. 5-HTP combines with natural extracts and vitamins to relax the body and calm neural activity, making it easy to sleep in a deep, long sleep. Restore your body's natural sleep cycles and experience all-night cell growth and repair with 5-HTP, available in 120-capsule bottles at only 21 cents per serving. Keep Reading »

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