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When Should I Take an HGH Supplement

Timing HGH Use for Results

Human growth hormone is often touted as the key to anti-aging.

Secreted from the pituitary gland, HGH builds muscle, regulates fat metabolism, and maintains healthy tissue and organs.

HGH supplements offer a safe and legal solution to those who want the benefits of HGH without taking potentially hazardous injections. Knowing when to take an HGH supplement is important to achieving maximum results.

In the Morning or at Night?

The two most common recommendations for timing HGH supplements centers around the effect supplemental HGH has on natural growth hormone production.

Studies show supplemental HGH suppresses natural production, but there is a significant lapse in time before this occurs, normally 4 hours.[1]

One line of reasoning suggests taking HGH right before bed allows for pulses of both natural and supplemental HGH, with the lapse in suppression preventing interference.

The other recommendation promotes taking HGH in the early morning, after natural HGH production has worn off. This purportedly gives a consistent, steady pulse of HGH.

Bodybuilding forums and professional HGH manufactures generally agree the second option is preferred, and it is certainly the most popular. However, scientific studies have yet to prove one method more effective than the other.

Combining HGH and Diet to Optimize Timing

Diet affects HGH levels and eating meals with certain foods at certain times optimizes HGH supplement use.

For example, HGH and insulin oppose each other; HGH surges when insulin is low, which normally occurs 4 hours after eating. Taking HGH supplements on an empty stomach allows for faster absorption and limits insulin interference.

Furthermore, eating foods low in carbs keeps insulin levels down, while enriching your diet with a healthy dose of fat and protein optimizes HGH production.[2]

Some experts suggest waiting 2 hours before and after eating while taking HGH; this is especially applicable to those taking multiple doses throughout the day.[3]

It is also suggested fasting for 4 hours before bed, taking an HGH supplement in the morning, and then waiting 1 to 2 hours before eating produces maximum results.[4]

However, taking HGH supplements on an empty stomach increases the chance for upset stomach and adverse digestion side effects.

Product Recommendations

HGH supplements vary when it comes to recommended use. Most suggest taking between 2 to 5 capsules before bed on an empty stomach with a small glass of water. Suggestions for powder and nasal forms are similar. It is best to follow each product’s specific directions for safe results.

If needed, consult with a doctor to determine individual recommendations.


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    Jan cohen

    January 7, 2017


    Is it safe to eat protein and /or fat within the 2 hour period ?


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