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Pool Party Pump Hacks

The season of pool parties, hanging out at the beach for hours on end, mingling at barbeques, and showing off your hard-earned physique is upon us. What if we told you there a couple things you can do to quickly enhance your physique and muscle size the next time you’re at a party?

Hit the pool looking your absolute best every time!

Well, get out your note pad. Here are a couple hacks you can do to make your muscles look fuller, enhance definition, and refine your physique to get people ‘mirin the next time you take your shirt off.


The “pump” is a term often used by bodybuilders and weight-lifters to refer to the increased blood flow to the muscle. In this sacred pump lies the key to unlocking maximum sex appeal. Even Arnold, the GOAT, loved the pump so much he compared it to… well, you know. One of the most effective hacks you can do to turn your super-soaker looking biceps into full blown cannons is to get in a quick pump before the party–and I mean really quick.

Ideally, you’ll want to get a good muscle pump right before the party, preferably anywhere from 5-10 minutes before- you won’t need much more time than that. Keep in mind, however, that pump will fade away, so if you do it too soon before the event, it won’t be optimal.

Your exercise options will obviously depend on your surroundings. Your goal is to attain a pump, not lift as much weight as possible. So, you don’t need to get in a big workout and hit every muscle group. Focus on the shoulders, arms, and chest. If you’ve been skipping leg day, well, there’s no real quick fix for that, unfortunately. However, here are a couple upper-body exercises you can utilize the next time you need to get that quick party pump:

Do as many reps as it takes to get your upper body pumped, and don’t be afraid to excuse yourself to the car during the party “because you forgot your towel,” to bust out some additional bicep curls with the 10 lb dumbbells you keep in you trunk for an emergency.


Have you ever wondered why professional bodybuilders and physique competitors get up on stage with ridiculous spray tans? That is because the tan helps accentuate the muscles and definition quite a bit.

Get that base as soon as you can.

Now, you don’t need to get burned before you go to the party –skin cancer is a no-go. Get yourself a nice base tan if you can by hanging out shirtless in your backyard the day before, running through the nonchalant, subtle flexes you’ll pull during the party. Once you’ve got a base tan, and even if you don’t have time, spray tans are great, especially if the party is on short notice. The tan will have your abs and muscles popping, and also have a sliming effect on your stomach –it’s a win-win.


They say that 2/3 of your body is made of water, and 1/3 pure muscle… right? Even so, water can make a big difference in your pool side appearance. Coming in with too much water will soften your look and then your shirt comes off everyone will think the Kool Aid guy just smashed through the wall.

Carbs can either be your best friend or your worst enemy depending on when you take them.

There is a way to prevent this. Managing your carbs the days leading up to “no t-shirt time” can really make a difference on how much water you are carrying. Go low carb for around 3 days before your event and then load up on carbs the day of. Good carb, like some pasta and perhaps a donut or two. Don’t go overboard but enough that the glycogen levels are restored and your muscles come out looking full. Avoid high sodium foods and soft drinks too.

This hack requires a little bit more preparation, but it’s definitely worth trying. Doubling down on your nutrition will have you standing out among the mere mortals at the party as the aesthetic god you were meant to be.


Always find a way to be flexing. Hold your drink with a firm grip. Catch beach balls with both hands and squeeze. Play volleyball like the guys from Top Gun where you’re always flexing, even when checking the time.

Anytime you can be flexing, you should be.

When you need to get out of the pool, do it by lifting yourself up out of the water with a slow tricep extension, and squeeze at the top. Don’t worry about looking around to see if people notice, because they are.

There are millions of opportunities for you to throw in some subtle flexes, don’t squander them.

Keep the flex alive for as long as possible. If you start to cramp up or need a quick break, just get back in the pool and recover.


While this hack won’t give you magical abs, it will help you to keep your ab game strong and also keep you from needing to make some underwater bubbles in the pool that people will definitely notice –ya, you know exactly what we’re talking about. Avoid eating foods that cause gassiness and bloat like foods high in fat and fiber, because being bloated sucks, and it will also minimize your ab definition.

Examples of foods to either avoid or reduce the portion size before your party include:

  • Beans
  • Carbonated Drinks
  • Fried Foods
  • Potatoes

So, what is left to eat before the party? Foods that will help you manage your bloat and keep you from bloating are egg whites, turkey, cucumbers, and asparagus.

Don’t let quick, bad food decisions before the party keep you from unleashing your monster abs at their full potential and glory.


A hard six-pack is not required to take your shirt off at the beach or the pool but it helps, so put those chips down. Try your hand at one or all of these hacks to fine-tune your physique and leave the other party guests begging you not to put your shirt back on.

After all is said and down, be proud of the little or big results you’ve achieved from spending countless hours in the gym, owning the winter bulk, and shredding back down in the spring. When the time comes that you need to take your shirt off, know that what lies underneath is a self-created masterpiece built with sweat and creatine.

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Stefan R. Wilson
Stefan R. Wilson is a marketing professional, as well as a freelance author for nutritional supplements. He is based out of Salt Lake City, Utah and holds a BS from Brigham Young University. Stefan's expertise resides in the field of supplements to be used by athletes and bodybuilders while training.


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