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The Copacabana, not just the title of Barry Manilow’s catchiest hit song. Nope, this is the spot for golden beaches, breathtaking waves, and bikini bodies as far as the eye can see. Sounds like a dream. But if your own body isn’t exactly ready for swimsuit season, it might seem like a nightmare. Don’t sweat it. There is still plenty of time to get your body ready to unveil on that sparkling Rio beach, or even at the local pool, and making a switch to a ketogenic diet could be just the thing you need to do it.

A low carb and high fat diet forces your body to burn fat very efficiently and have more energy.

Simply put, a ketogenic diet is one that is low carb and high fat. And though it might seem counterintuitive to eat lots of fat if you want to slim down and carve out that Copacabana physique, trust us. Switching your primary fuel source from carbs to fats gets your body into ketosis, a place that is arguably just as amazing as a glittery brazilian beach and here’s why: When you’re in ketosis you will have more energy, burn fat more efficiently, and reduce blood sugar. 1

Starting a ketogenic diet and getting your body into the coveted spot of ketosis may seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. There are actually a number of supplements that can make getting into and staying in ketosis so much easier.


When you switch from the typical diet of carbs, carbs, and more carbs to one that is fueled primarily by fat, your body will start producing something really amazing: ketones. Ketones are the fuel that your body creates when it doesn’t have the easy source of sugar to rely upon. And they provide a much more sustainable energy for your body than glucose (fuel from carbs). Research actually suggests that your brain prefers the energy and fuel it gets from ketones over glucose.

Your body begins producing ketones when you switch from the typical carb-heavy diet.

As you get deeper into keto and ketosis, your body will produce more and more ketones, but there’s actually a way to get more ketones in your body much more quickly than you can from your diet alone. The secret is exogenous ketones, or supplemental ketones, that can be taken to increase the amount of ketones in your body in much less time than typical glucose fasting requires. This makes it not only easier to get into ketosis, but also makes it much easier to stay in ketosis. 2

There are actually three different kinds of ketones that can be made in the body, but currently only one is being made externally in supplement form: Beta Hydroxybutyrate.


Beta Hydroxybutyrate or BHB is one of three ketones that can be produced naturally by the body and it is the ketone that can be used most efficiently by the body. This makes BHB the clear choice when seeking out an exogenous ketone to supplement your ketogenic diet. Taken exogenously, BHB can increase the amount of ketones in your body, increase fat utilization, and improve your overall ketogenic experience. 3 And that’s not all BHB can do. Some of the other many benefits of Beta Hydroxybutyrate include:

  • Weight Loss

  • Improved Physical Performance

  • Improved Memory And Cognition

  • Anti-Inflammation

  • Anti-Cancer

  • Reduced Blood Sugar

Ketone salts can provide many benefits, not the least of which is helping to avoid feeling the 'keto flu'.


Ketone salts are made by binding an exogenous ketone with a mineral salt to improve ketone absorption. Typically you will find an exogenous ketone combined with one or more of the following:

  • Sodium

  • Calcium

  • Magnesium

  • Potassium

Ketones salts can provide many benefits, not only from the ketones they contain but also from the minerals they are paired with. Ketones salts have a number of benefits for health and well being, not the least of which is helping to avoid feeling the “keto flu.” The keto flu usually occurs when you are transitioning into ketosis and symptoms can include nausea, restlessness, lethargy, and brain fog. These are temporary, but Ketone salts can significantly decrease these unwanted feelings.

Ketone salts can improve ketone production in your body and help your body better utilize fat as fuel! Ketone salts are great for helping your body to reach ketosis quickly and stay in ketosis fairly easily. 4

Ketone salts can also improve:

  • Memory

  • Sleep Quality

  • Energy

  • Inflammation Response

  • Physical Performance


BHB salts are the combination of one or more mineral salts with Beta Hydroxybutyrate. BHB Salts will increase the amount of ketones in your body and can help you transition from high carb to low carb. BHB Salts will help your body tap into your stored fat and use that as fuel, instead of relying on carbs or your lean muscle! 5

BHB Salts can improve:

  • Energy Levels

  • Weight Loss

  • Endurance

  • Mental Focus

  • Blood Sugar Levels

Depending on your preferences, you can find individual BHB salts (BHB combined with only one mineral salt) or you can utilize some popular BHB salt combos (combining BHB with 2 or more mineral salts). Take a look at two of our favorite combos:

  • KetoCaNa – KetoCaNa is a buzzword that you may not be familiar with, but it’s not as exotic as it might sound. Simply put, KetoCaNa is a mixture of BHB with the mineral salts calcium (Ca) and sodium (Na). High school chemistry’s coming back at you!

  • Keto 4-in-1 Supplements – These supplements combine BHB with all four of the mineral salts listed above: magnesium, potassium, calcium, and sodium. So you get all of the great benefits of each mineral, rolled up in one convenient location.


With the wide availability of exogenous ketones and ketone salts, there has never been a better time to give a ketogenic diet a try. Going keto can help your body utilize and burn off stored fat; helping you to get lean and sculpted while still enjoying decadent high fat foods. Talk about a win win!

And this new body fueled by ketones will demand to be shown off! Whether you’re able to get your newly sculpted booty down to the warm sandy beaches of Copacabana, or if your vacation plans have you a little closer to home, this is your year to be proud of that swimsuit body. Grab some friends, grab some towels, and don’t forget the KetoCaNa!

Going keto can help your body utilize and burn off stored fat, helping you get lean and sculpted.
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Erin Dyer is a freelance writer for dietary supplements and proper health & nutrition. She is also a massage therapist, focusing primarily on sports injuries & deep tissue massage. She currently resides in Pleasant Grove, Utah and when she isn't writing or hitting the gym at 5am, she's chasing after her two sons.


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