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Infused Water For Weight Loss

Whether you’re planning on laying poolside this summer season or hanging out at the beach, looking your best in your bikini is most likely on your mind. So here’s some good news: There’s a flavorful way you can curb appetite and improve weight-loss this summer. Infusing your water with a variety of fruits, herbs, vegetables, and spices allows you to enjoy a tasty drink while managing your appetite and fat burn.

For those struggling getting their daily amount of water, infused water can add benefits and taste.


Infusing water can be done with various fruits, vegetables, herbs, and spices. Not only does infused water enhance the flavor without artificial additives, but infusing water with specific foods and spices can increase your weight-loss results as well as improve other factors of overall well being.

For weight-loss purposes, you can infuse your water with several ingredients. If you’re feeling daring, you can also combine these ingredients for enhanced flavor and additional benefits.

Some of the most popular fruits, herbs, and spices for weight-loss include:


While these are some of the most popular ingredients infused into water to enhance metabolism and fat burn, you can certainly mix the above ingredients together, and also add some additional fruits to the combination to specifically enhance the flavor.

Here are some tasty flavor-enhancing fruits that come with extra advantages, like the ability to improve bloat, enhance digestion, supply antioxidants, and help you detoxify your body for improved health:

As you can see, there are numerous flavor combinations you can try out to make your infused-water not only very healthy, but very tasty.


Preparing infused water for weight-loss is just as easy as it is delicious.

There are several ways to prepare your water. Some people prepare their infused water by the gallons while others mix a cup at a time. Keep in mind the more water you use, the more ingredients you should add as well to make sure your water is flavorful. Here are the basics for making your own infused water:

You can let your water infuse for several more hours to create a more potent flavor. You’ll have to experiment with optimal infusion times and water-to-ingredient amounts.

One thing to keep in mind is many people who drink infused-water say that if the rind is left on the fruit, it may cause a slightly bitter flavor over time.

Also, once the water has been infused for a good amount of time, you can certainly eat the fruit/vegetables.


Total weight-loss benefits will depend on the type and amount of ingredients you add to your water and how frequently you consume the infused water.

Mix and match your ingredients for the best results for weight loss and for taste.

Cinnamon has been studied for its ability to improve lean body mass in certain individuals,1 while mint, along with other spices and herbs, has been shown to support the conversion of fat to energy through specific digestive enzymes.2

Jalapeños contain a metabolism-boosting ingredient capsaicin, and fruits like grapefruit have been linked to weight loss through its polyphenol (antioxidant) content, which are involved in breaking down stored fats.3

There are a couple other reasons why infused water can help with overall weight-loss results. Drinking plenty of water is beneficial for not only staying hydrated, but being properly hydrated also affects your metabolism.4

Also, according to medical professionals, the body oftentimes has difficulties distinguishing

Drinking plenty of water is beneficial for not only staying hydrated, but being properly hydrated also affects your metabolism.
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Angie Layton
Angie has years of experience in the health and fitness Industry. Angie currently holds one on one personal training sessions, coaches group training classes, provides nutritional plans and will also prepare the food for the meal plans. Angie educates in corporate wellness programs, prepares clients for Bikini, Figure and physique competitions and teaches posing classes for competitions. By designing fitness and nutrition plans, Angie motivates people to look and feel their best.


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