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How to Naturally Increase HGH

Safe Methods To Increase HGH Production

“HGH,” says a cheerful Dr. Oz to his audience, “is a hormone that gives you the energy but declines naturally as you age.”

In attempt to turn back the clock, more people are seeking ways to increase growth hormone and restore youth. Growth hormone is secreted by the pituitary gland, and is responsible for growth of organs, tissues, hair, and several other processes.

In addition to boosting energy, HGH is popular for its ability to improve lean body mass and reduce body fat.[1]

Since synthetic HGH is expensive and only available through a prescription, let’s explore 5 simple ways to naturally increase growth hormone levels.


Arginine is often found in HGH supplements but can also be taken by itself to boost growth hormone. A study conducted at Syracuse University showed taking oral L-arginine at rest enhanced growth hormone response.[2]

When it comes to dosing arginine for maximum growth hormone response, Senior Science Editor Jim Stoppani from FLEX magazine recommends taking 9 g. He explains 3-5 grams are converted to nitric oxide, and therefore a few extra grams are needed to stimulate growth hormone release.[3]


Alpha-GPC might not be as popular a supplement as arginine, but it also provides a powerful growth hormone increase. A study from the Center for Applied Health Science Research in Ohio studied healthy resistance trained men performing sets of squats on days they ingested alpha-GPC prior to training.

On other days, a placebo was ingested before training instead of alpha-GPC. When the subjects consumed the A-GPC before lifting, their peak growth hormone levels were significantly higher than when they received the placebo. They also experienced greater strength and power with the A-GPC supplement than they did with the placebo.[4]


At night, the body enters deep REM sleep, and during this sleep stage, the body releases the majority of its growth hormone.[5]

If you have trouble falling and staying asleep, try taking a supplement such as melatonin, which relaxes the body and induces sleep. Creating a dark and cool environment is also conducive to restful sleep.[6]


Eating lean meats, fruits, and vegetables provides the body with the nutrients it needs to produce hormones. Avoid refined sugars and meals high in carbohydrates, as this causes insulin levels to rise.

Elevated insulin levels blunt growth hormone signaling, resulting in insulin resistance.[7] Good sources complex carbohydrates sources include rolled oats and sweet potatoes.


Exercise, especially with heavy compound movements like squats, pull-ups, and deadlifts, stimulate a powerful growth hormone surge.[8] This surge is known as exercise-induced growth hormone response, and enhances protein synthesis.[9]

Always lift with proper technique to avoid injury.

Safety First

Increasing HGH naturally through supplements such as arginine and alpha-GPC is safe, spares you injection pain, and doesn’t require hefty doctor fees from prescription HGH.

Now that you understand the importance of sleep in growth hormone release, do everything you need to ensure a good night’s rest. To further boost growth hormone, avoid high-carbohydrate foods. They spike insulin levels and blunt growth hormone signaling.

With these easy-to-follow techniques, you’ll be enjoying optimum HGH levels in almost no time!


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