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Healthiest and Best Tasting Protein Bars

We’ve compiled a list of the healthiest protein bars that, unlike many other protein bars, offer optimal, well-rounded macronutrient profiles.



Quest Nutrition has hit a homerun when it comes to quality protein sources. Each Quest Bar is packed with high quality whey protein isolate and milk protein isolate, and are low-calorie, making them great protein source for just about everyone.

If the carbohydrate content caught your eye, here’s some good news. Quest Bars contain anywhere from 3 – 5 g of net carbohydrates. According to low-carb experts, subtracting fiber and sugar alcohols from total carbohydrates gives you an active (net) carbohydrate count, as fiber and sugar alcohols affect the body much differently than simple sugars. For all intents and purposes, those counting carbs need only count net carbohydrates. This net carb idea isn’t unique to Quest Protein Bars, but Quest Nutrition is one of the few companies that refer to them on their labeling and also have an impressive net carbohydrate count.

For fans of both smooth and chunky, Quest Nutrition covers its bases with over 15 different flavors. They also reinvent traditional chocolate and vanilla with Vanilla Almond Crunch and Double Chocolate Chunk, and both are rich and sweet.

*Not net-carbohydrate count



IdealBars are a unique protein bar, offering less protein than other bars, but providing additional appetite and weight-loss benefits. Its protein source is derived from soy, which is a less popular protein form among the fitness community.

IdealBar packs 24 vitamins and micronutrients into its formula, offering 20% of your daily value in all the vitamins and minerals included, which is great for those that need additional help meeting their vitamin and mineral requirements.

One of IdealShape IdealBar’s most notable benefits is in its appetite suppressant ingredient Slendesta. This ingredient increase satiety by triggering the release of CCK, an appetite-controlling hormone.

IdealBar comes in 4 flavors: Chocolate Peanut Butter, Double Chocolate, Cinnamon Caramel Crunch, and Strawberry Yogurt. Idealbars, depending on the flavor, are rich, fruity, and chewy.



Combat Crunch bars are gluten free and low in sugar, which is great for those that have celiac or are mildly sensitive to gluten. It features both whey isolate and milk protein isolate protein sources, which are

MusclePharm’s Combat Crunch bars have a very candy bar-like texture. They have both soft and chewy layers, and Combat Crunch Bars come in several chocolate variations, as well as a Cinnamon Twist and Cookies ‘N’ Cream flavor. The chocolate flavors are creamy, and the Cinnamon Twist flavor rivals that of a churro.

Combat Crunch Bar’s macronutrients make it a great solution for staying fueled during intense workouts, or even just to satisfy a sweet tooth with a good amount of protein and fiber.



Pure Protein High Protein Bar provides its blend of protein through whey concentrate, which may be slightly difficult for those that are lactose intolerant or just sensitive to dairy. However, it also provides higher quality whey isolate and milk isolate and depending n the flavor, some delicious tasting Greek yogurt for additional protein.

On top of its protein content is a slew of 18 vitamins and minerals to help you micromanage your daily micronutrient intake.

When it comes to flavors, Pure Protein High Protein Bar covers its bases with a wide range of options. These bars come in a variety of delicious chocolate, peanut butter, and fruity flavors. Some bars are chewy, coated with a layer of smooth tasting Greek Yogurt, and packed with intense fruit flavor, while others are creamier, covered in a rich, thin chocolate outer layer.



Cliff Builder’s Protein Bars, while fairly high in calories and carbohydrates, are packed with soy protein isolate and soy protein concentrate.

These protein bars lend themselves to both the active, on-the go type of individuals who need to refuel on some carbohydrates. The sugar content in these bars may prove beneficial for those out hiking, biking, or doing other outdoor activities that need a quick source of energy. Cliff Builder’s Protein Bars also offer several vitamins and minerals to help support a well-rounded diet.

Cliff Builder’s Protein Bars come in over 10 flavors, with several of them being different chocolate variations. Many of these bars utilize cocoa and unsweetened chocolate to give them a dark, rich flavor, complimented by additional flavor add-ons like peanut butter, mint, and even hazelnut.

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Stefan R. Wilson
Stefan R. Wilson is a marketing professional, as well as a freelance author for nutritional supplements. He is based out of Salt Lake City, Utah and holds a BS from Brigham Young University. Stefan's expertise resides in the field of supplements to be used by athletes and bodybuilders while training.


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