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Camu Camu Health Benefits

An Effective Immunity Booster

Camu camu has the highest concentration of vitamin C of any fruit in the world. Originally found along the banks of the Amazon River, this walnut-sized fruit contains between 1.16 and 3.0 g vitamin C per 100 g pulp.[1]

Camu camu is too bitter to be eaten raw. In South America, it is mostly consumed as fruit juice or ice cream. In North America, it is mostly available in powder and tablet forms.

Scientists have only done preliminary studies on camu camu, but what they have found so far confirms it deserves to be listed as a superfood.

Reduce the Negative Effects of Extra Weight

A study on rats showed the positive effects camu camu has on the symptoms of obesity-caused diabetes. Half the obese rats were given 25 ml camu camu pulp per day while the other half were deprived treatment. The rats given camu camu experienced reduced weight and lower glucose, cholesterol, insulin, and triglyceride levels.[2]

Although this study has not yet been done on humans, it is likely the effects apply to humans as well.

Boost Your Immune System

Because camu camu contains so much vitamin C, it is an incredibly rich source of antioxidants.

Antioxidants protect cells from free radicals, which damage cells and their DNA. This damage increases the likelihood of getting chronic diseases and intensifying aging signs.[3]

People who regularly consume foods that contain vitamin C, such as camu camu, generally have healthier immune systems. They tend to experience shorter colds or colds with milder symptoms.[4]

Fight Oxidative Stress

Oxidative stress is caused by an imbalance of oxygen and the body’s inability to detoxify reactive oxygen and repair the damage. It is often a symptom of smoking and other harmful habits but also occurs naturally with age.[5]

A scientific study showed camu camu has more benefits than vitamin C alone. In the study, smokers took 70 ml camu camu juice or the equivalent 1050 mg vitamin C in a tablet. The smokers who took camu camu showed decreased markers of inflammation and oxidative stress. Those who took just vitamin C tablets showed no effect.[5]


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