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Breakfast: Not So Important After All

Why the most important meal of the day isn’t that important

Lindsey Mathews is the owner of Moxie Full Body Fitness, a quarterly fitness boot camp that focuses on weight loss and overall fitness. With a BA in Human Development from Brigham Young University, Lindsey’s boot camps are just as much about building mental and emotional self-confidence as they are about getting in shape.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, upon which the day’s success is built, right? At least that’s a version of the age-old adage that’s been engrained into our minds.

Skipping breakfast has been considered a “no-no” by common belief. But, would you eat breakfast faithfully every morning if you found out that it’s not as important?

It turns out the nutritional impact of breakfast isn’t as powerful after all, at least for weight loss purposes.

Is Skipping Breakfast Bad?

Breakfast’s effects on weight loss were challenged by a group of researchers at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Several obese and overweight individuals either skipped or ate breakfast during a 16-week study. Breakfast didn’t have any effect on weight loss result, as both groups lost roughly the same amount of weight.[1]

Emily Dhurandhar suggests these findings take the focus off breakfast’s outdated, purported weight loss effects and paves the way for more research.

“Now that we know the general recommendation of ‘eat breakfast every day’ has no differential impact on weight loss, we can move forward with studying other techniques for improved effectiveness,” she says.

However, keep in mind these findings are focused on breakfast’s effects on weight loss, and not on other possible consequences of going without breakfast.

A Balanced Breakfast

Healthy Carbs

Good Protein

Healthy Fats

A Balanced Breakfast

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Should You Stop Eating Breakfast?

There is no reason to start or stop eating breakfast if you are looking for an edge on weight loss. Breakfast simply doesn’t have any impact.

Not eating a well-rounded breakfast may affect other aspects of health. For instance, eating breakfast regularly has been linked to lower risks of coronary heart disease.[2]

So, there is no need to fret if you were in a rush this morning and weren’t able to get a couple bites to eat. Just know that you may need to hit the gym harder if you want to see weight loss results because planning a healthy low-calorie meal or even extending your fast to lunch won’t have any added benefit on fat burning.

eSupplements Article Recap

  • Breakfast is believed to be the most important meal of the day.
  • Breakfast has no effect on weight loss.
  • Don’t stress if you miss breakfast.


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