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Best Growth Hormone Boosters

Top 6 ingredients to boost hgh production

What do a group of scientists in Milwaukee, Wisconsin have in common with some of the best known athletes in major league baseball? Human growth hormone controversies have centered on both groups.

Many big name baseball players came under fire in 2007 when Senator George Mitchell released his research on steroid and growth hormone use in baseball. Growth hormone is considered a performance-enhancing drug and therefore unsportsmanlike to use as a professional athlete.

Long before the release of the Mitchell report, scientists at the Medical College of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, discovered growth hormone improved BMI, bone density, and skin health in aging men.[1] Subsequent scientists criticized these researchers for calling growth hormone a miraculous anti-aging treatment without sufficient proof.

Whatever the motives or intentions of the athletes and scientists involved in these controversies, the fact remains: human growth hormone is linked to muscle growth for improved fitness and several anti-aging effects. However, true growth hormone is only available by prescription for treating medically proven growth hormone deficiencies.

Nevertheless, scientists are uncovering natural ways to boost growth hormone through ongoing research. These natural growth hormone releasers provide both anti-aging and muscle-enhancing benefits, but without the dangerous side effects of injected growth hormone. Even better, these growth hormone releasers are available without a prescription and are approved by major sporting bodies.

This article lists the best natural growth hormone stimulators and their scientifically proven effects.


Fenugreek seeds contain chemicals known as saponins, which have a wide range of medicinal applications. Fenugreek’s saponins, in particular, are linked to stimulating release of growth hormone from pituitary cells.[2] Fenugreek’s other benefits include boosting energy, increasing testosterone, and enhancing libido.[3]

Amino acids

Several amino acids are proven growth hormone stimulators. Though their effectiveness and methods vary, these amino acids are sure to bump up growth hormone levels.

  • Arginine: One study shows this amino acid suppresses somatostatin, a hormone that discourages growth hormone release.[4] Arginine also enhances male sexual performance by improving nitric oxide output, a chemical gas that stimulates blood flow.[5]
  • Lysine: A combination of lysine and arginine produces measurable changes in growth hormone levels. When taken in doses of 1200 mg each, arginine and lysine trigger release of somatotropin and insulin, two hormones that encourage growth factor secretion.[6] Similarly, in doses of 1500 mg each, lysine and arginine induced elevated growth hormone levels in less than an hour and without exercise.[7]
  • Glutamine:Only 2 grams of glutamine raised plasma growth hormone levels significantly in just 90 minutes.[8]


GABA, or gamma-aminobutyric acid, is a regulatory neurotransmitter. Recent studies show that just 3 grams of GABA increases both resting and post-exercise growth hormone levels.[9] In fact, peak concentrations of two specific growth hormones showed a nearly 400 percent increase![9]

BCAAs (Branched-Chain Amino Acids

BCAAs are amino acids with a unique structure. The only known BCAAs are leucine, isoleucine, and valine. BCAAs perform many functions, including regulating protein and glucose metabolism, participating in protein creation, and encouraging hormone secretion.[10] When taken regularly around an early morning meal, BCAAs encourage growth hormone levels to remain elevated.[11]

Alpha GPC

Most alpha GPC research discusses its effects on improving memory. These effects are thought to be so potent alpha GPC is prescribed as an Alzheimer’s medication in Europe.[12] Certainly alpha GPC’s memory enhancing abilities appeal to people interested in improving growth hormone secretion for its anti-aging benefits.

More importantly, very recent research indicates alpha GPC increases growth hormone levels. In young men who took a 1000 mg dose of alpha GPC, “plasma growth hormone secretion was increased significantly 60 minutes after GPC ingestion.”[13] Furthermore, these same young men also showed improvements in fat-burning.[13] With noted effects on growth hormone, memory, and fat reduction, alpha GPC is a triply powerful growth hormone booster.


Melatonin is a naturally occurring chemical that affects brain chemistry. Most people know melatonin as an effective natural sleep aid, but few people are aware of its effects on growth hormone levels. In doses as low as 10 mg, melatonin works much like arginine by lowering release of somatostatin.[14] Less circulating somatostatin allows for greater release of growth hormone.

Optimize HGH for Better Performance

Supplementing with an effective dose of just one of these ingredients is a surefire way to boost growth hormone levels. For more dramatic results, many available growth hormone supplements combine several ingredients to enhance efficacy. Either alone or in combination, these ingredients are the most trusted and proven natural substitutes for growth hormone injections. Whether the goal is increasing muscle mass or aging more gracefully, growth hormone boosters are a natural way to achieve results.


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    Comments (2)

    Chris Miner

    June 2, 2016


    How do you use fenugreek to increase my growth hormone? What is the best method seeds or sprouts? What are the amounts of fenugreek should I be taking?

      Mike Jackson

      Mike Jackson

      June 2, 2016

      Re: Fenugreek

      Fenugreek has been known to provide many health benefits such as the ability to boost testosterone levels. Choosing between seeds or sprouts will depend on your meal choices. The amount of Fenugreek sprouts typically taken are often 1-2 cups per serving depending on the meal. For Fenugreek seeds, 1/2 – 1 teaspoon is taken 3 times each day.

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